Monday, January 1, 2007

Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly Challenge History

Weekly Challenges:
Week 8: Robyn's Trouble Recipe Challenge DD 2/25/07

Week 9: Doodle Challenge DD 3/4/07

Week 10: Scrapjack Challenge DD 3/11/07

Week 11: Kaliedascope=Kayla Multi-Photo Layout DD 3/18/07

Week 12: Scrapbooks by Moi=Stephanie Favorite Word DD 3/25/07

Week 13: x3jessicalouise=Jessica Slogan/Advertisement DD 4/1/07

Week 14: Katie = Katie (Energetic Iron Maiden) No Embellishments DD4/8/07

Week 15: Fiery Redhead = Melissa (Logo Maker Deluxe) No Adhesive DD4/15/07

Weeks 16, 17, and 18: twinscrapbee = Brenda (Naughty but Nice) Turnin' Japanese DD4/22/07

Week 19: Lucky 7 Heartfelt DD 5/13/07

Week 20: Lucky 7 Clean and Simple DD 5/20/07

Week 21: Lucky 7 Storytelling DD 5/27/07

Week 22: Lucky 7 Multi-Photo DD 6/3/07

Week 23: Lucky 7 Color DD 6/10/07

Week 24: Lucky 7 Funny DD 6/17/07

Week 25: Lucky 7 Innovative DD 6/24/07

Week 26: WhenScrapHappens Challenge: Beatlemania DD 7/1/07Kaleidascope's Design Technique: Rule of Thirds

Week 27 and 28: Blushpea's Challenge: Stashoffont DD 7/15/07Kaleidascope's Design Technique: Flow

Week 29: SosumiSan's Challenge: Object of my Affection DD 7/22/07

Week 30: Nitza's My Letter DD 8/5/07Nitza's Member-Hosted Sketch Challenge DD 8/5/07

Week 31: cmeinstlouis' Challenge: Walk Down Memory Lane DD 8/19/07

Week 32: Wacky Watson's Challenge: Step Out of your Box DD 9/2/07

Week 34, 35, & 36: Keep the Momentum Going - Post any LO or create, upload, and link a lo based on/inspired by/reflecting on 9/11. (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

Week 37: Note To Your Younger Self (Posted by X3Jessicalouise/Jess)

Week 38: Scrap Something You Don't Like About Yourself or Your Dirty Little Secrets (Posted by X3Jessicalouise/Jess)

39: The Men In Our Lives (Posted by Nitza/Denitza)

40: Scrapjack twinscrapbee/Brenda's "Sleep Powers" LO (Posted by Nitza/Denitza)

41: Catalogs, Ads, Billboards (Posted by Nitza/Denitza)

42: Out Of The Scrap Room (Posted by Nitza/Denitza)

43: Making Headlines (Posted by Fiery Redhead/Melissa)

44: Zodiac Signs (Posted by Nitza/Denitza)

45: Choose Your Challenge aka Second Chance Challenge (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

46: Extreme Makeover-Layout Edition Challenge (Posted by whenscraphappens/Tiffany)

47: Left-overs! (Posted by Sosumi San/Angela)

48: Using A Quote (Posted by WendyGirl/Wendy)

49: Some Interaction (Posted by blushpea/Sharon)

50: Metal (Posted by X3Jessicalouise/Jess)

51: New Year/Old Year (Posted by cmeinstlouis/Christy)

Biweekly Challenges - 2008:
BWC 1: Sew Much, Sew Little (Posted by Nitzza/Denitza)

BWC 2: Cardstock, Cardstock, Cardstock (Posted by ~Alma Scrapera~/Nitza)

BWC3: Crunching Numbers (Posted by Fiery Redhead/Melissa)

BWC4: How Do I Love Me? (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC5: Things To Do (Posted by whenscraphappenzz/Tiffany)

BWC6: Color Your World (Posted by WendyGirl/Wendy)

BWC7: Scrap An Event For Which You Have No Pictures (Posted by Eat Sleep Scrap/Melissa)

BWC8: Movie Quotes (Posted by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC9: Inchies (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC10: Yum Yum (Dove Chocolate Phrases) (Posted by cmeinstlouis/Christy)

BWC11: Write On Your Photos (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC12: Sketch Challenge (Posted by Fiery Redhead/Melissa)

BWC13: LIFT Away! (Posted by janet28rn/Janet)

BWC14: Stars & Stripes Forevahhhhhhh (Posted by whenscraphappenzz/Tiffany)

BWC15: "The Kid" Speaks To Me (Posted by Eat Sleep Scrap/Melissa)

BWC16: Paper Ruffles (Posted by Gelidy Gelato/Lisa)

BWC17: A Good Sport (Posted by ~Alma Scrapera~/Nitza)

BWC18: The Big B Bonanza (Posted by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC19: Fave Food or Drink (Posted by Queen Scrappin Kitty/Amanda)

BWC20: Fabby Fanatics! (Posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

BWC21: Go Monochromatic! (Posted by ScrappyGal8/Marlene)

BWC22: ?OW/Topic & Technique Challenge (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC23: The Quickie Challenge/Picasso Quote Postcard (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC24: Holidaze in Haste (ornament or virtual sweater) (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC25: What Makes The Holidays Special & Meaningful To You (Posted by Scrappin Kitty/Amanda)

BWC26: Your Favorite Page From 2008 (Posted by Gelidy Gelato/Lisa)

Biweekly Challenges - 2009:
BWC1: Git 'Er Done! !! (Posted by Janet28rn/Janet)

BWC2: Change (Posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC3: 1st Fave Scraplift (posted by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC4: One Word! (posted by MaRLeNeF/Marlene)

BWC5: Nothin' Sticky (posted by whenscraphappenzz/Tiffany)

BWC6: Art Project! (posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

BWC7: Doing My Part To Keep This Place Open (posted by Eat Sleep Scrap/Melissa)

BWC8: Mosaic/Layered Embellie/Movie Reference challenge (posted by mars4554/Marsha)

BWC9: Create a Card!! (posted by MaRLeNeF/Marlene)

BWC10: Create a photo something/Use others' journaling Challenge (posted by CMLeach/Chris)

BWC11: Happy Holidays! (posted by Janet28rn/Janet)

BWC12: Go Green (posted by Fuchsboi/Brian)

BWC13: 90 Degree Rotation/Monochromatic Scraplift (posted by Twinstars/Jen)

BWC14: Complementary Colors (posted by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC15: Summer, Punches, Savings (posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC 16: Mini LO on an ATC (posted by MaRLeNeF/Marlene)

BWC 17: Scrap a ?OM (posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

BWC 18: Make Your Own Stamp (posted by Gelidy Gelato/Lisa)

BWC 19: Doodling (posted by CMLeach/Chris)

BWC 20: Catch-up BWC (posted by blushpea/Sharon, substituting for now-departed Janet)

BWC 21: Scaredy Scrapping (posted by fuchsboi/Brian)

BWC 22: Halloween Challenge (posted by Twinstars/Jen)

BWC 23: Page Maps (posted by denitza/Denitza)

BWC 24: Grocery List, All Tied Up (posted by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC 25: Advent Calendar (posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC 26: The Animal In Me (posted by Chell Rae/Michelle)

Biweekly Challenges - 2010:

BWC 1: Remember Your Passion (posted by WendyGirl/Wendy)

BWC 2: The Other Side of You (posted by scrappinmomto2girls/Margaret)

BWC 3: Your Top 10 of the Millennium's First Decade (posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC 4: Valentine! (posted by Gelidy Gelato/Lisa)

BWC 5: Show Some Love (posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

BWC 6: Put some letters on that photo! (posted by MaRLeNeF/Marlene)

BWC 7: Today (posted by denitza/Denitza)

BWC 8: Your Theme Song (posted by fuchsboi/Brian)

BWC 9: Use Your Workstation Scraps (posted by WendyGirl/Wendy)

BWC 10: Catch-Up BWC (to be posted every 4 months by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC 11: Everything but the Kitchen Sink (posted by Chell Rae/Michelle)

BWC 12: Running Out of Time (posted by Scrappinmomto2girls/Margaret)

BWC 13: All About Me (posted by Scrapping Diva/Taysha)

BWC 14: Get To Know Your CG Blog! (posted by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC 15: Put On a Mask and Meet This Challenge (posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC 16: An August Day (posted by BrianFuchs/Brian)

BWC 17: We're A Sketchy Bunch (posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

BWC 18: Negative Image & Hybrid Working Together (posted by .MaRLeNe./Marlene)

BWC 19: Catch-Up BWC (posted every 4 months by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC 20: Change (posted by denitza/Denitza)

BWC 21: Harvest Moon (posted by WendyGirl/Wendy)

BWC 22: Remembering (posted by Chell Rae/Michelle)

BWC 23: Halloweenish (posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

BWC 24: Lift Yourself! (posted by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC 25: Tis the Season (posted by CMLeach/Chris)

BWC 26: Decade Past (posted by Amms_c/Ammara)

BWC 1: Catch-up BWC (posted every 4 months by blushpea/Sharon)

BWC 2: Use Your Supplies (posted by Gelidy Gelato/Lisa)

BWC 3: Bird is the Word (posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

BWC 4: Spring Ahead (posted by .MaRLeNe./Marlene)

BWC 5: The History of Me (posted by Chell Rae/Michelle)

BWC 6: Scraplift the Person in Front of You (posted by denitza/Denitza)

Monthly Challenges 2011 -
MC 1: Get Your Journaling On (posted by CMLeach/Chris)

MC 2 - May: Moms Are People Too (posted by BrianFuchs/Brian)

MC3 - June: Favorite Summer Vacation Memory (posted by amms c/Ammara)

MC4 - August (skipped July): The Boob Tube (posted by blushpea/Sharon)

MC 5 - September: September - A Month to Remember (posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

MC 6 - October: Tattoos (posted by Gelidy Gelato/Lisa)

MC 7 - November: Happy Holidays (posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

MC 8 - December: Favorite Christmas Shows/Movies/Negative Space (posted by .MaRLeNe./Marlene)

MC 1 - New Year, New Technique (posted by Chell Rae/Michelle)

MC 2 - Right Now (posted by CMLeach/Chris)

MC3/April - What He/She Said (or X-Rated & Offensive!) (posted by blushpea/Sharon)

MC4/May - Music (posted by amms c/Ammara)

MC5/June - Bloghop Challenge (posted by twinscrapbee/Brenda)

MC6/August - Share an Olympic Moment (posted by Gelidy Gelato/Lisa)

MC7/September - Are you ready for some football? (posted by *jesse*/Jesse)

MC8/October - SHCG Member Lift  (posted by .MaRLeNe./Marlene)

MC9/November - Holiday Tradition (posted by Chell Rae/Michelle)

MC10/December - Christmas Card Scraplift (posted by CMLeach/Chris)

MC1/January- Resolutions (posted by Amms C/Ammara)

Past Members in Good Standing

These ladiezz were major contributors who still come by to say hello. We look forward to their visits.

Denitza = Denitza
WendyGirl = Wendy
Scrapping Diva = Taysha
janet28rn = Janet
Cajaya = Mel
cmeinstlouis = Christy
whenscraphappenzz = Tiffany
Scrappin Kitty = Amanda
X3jessicalouise = Jess (Charter Member)
Wacky Watson = Sarah
Kaleidoscope = Kayla, Group Leader 6/07- 10/07
Scrapbooks by Moi = Moi (Charter Member)
Ironscrapper = Katie
nannieannie = Annie
Jenfitz = Jen
Sosumi San = Angela
princessrk = Robyn, Group Leader 11/06 - 6/07

(Note: exclusion of past members doesn't necessarily mean they're in "bad standing;" it just means they no longer stop by. Or, maybe they are in bad standing! Heh.)

Contact Info

New to the group and don't know who to turn to...

* If you are interested in joining:
CMLeach aka Chris

*If you are interested in the Birthday Exchange:
twinscrapbee aka Brenda

* If you are going to be busy/out of town:
CMLeach aka Chris, or post in our main thread

* If you need access to the blog or have blog suggestions/updates:
blushpea aka Sharon

* If you would like to host a challenge or are no longer interested or able to participate in SHCG:
CMLeach aka Chris or post in our main thread

SHCG Guidelines

SHCG Terms:
* Submit 2 contributions per month to the Scrap Happenzz Layouts Critique Thread for critique. Contributions may be in the form of los, sketches, photos, cards, and various "scrafty" projects.
* Honestly and thoughtfully critique all contributions within 10 days from the post date, and precede critiques with SHCG & Month (e.g., SHCG-November: This page rocks, but it would be more hardcore with stilettos for embellishments.).
* Check-in and chat with this main thread at least once a week.

The SHCG Flexible Plan:
* If a member knows she will not be able to meet the monthly contribution minimum, she can indicate this in the main thread to notify the group.
* Individuals have the option to notify members they haven't received critiques from should they wish to seek more feedback.
* Our group purpose is provide thoughtful critiques to each other’s work; compliments addressing specific details also count as critiques. Ideally, we aim to post feedback within 10 days (though we understand that real life takes precedence & sometimes may affect 100% fulfillment of this guideline).

"What is Scrap Happenzz?" you ask

We are:
* a tight-knit bunch of dynamic, artistic souls who like to chat, create, and help each other become the best scrappers/crafters we can be.
* a group of up to 15 very non-traditional chicks. Sometimes our brand of black, twisted humor has been known to rub the easily offended, easily rattled or very conservative population the wrong way!
* a friendly, nice and supportive group, but we go as far as we can in our chats without breaking any rules.
* NOT a mutual admiration society! We give honest, constructive feedback of each others work - compliments along w/ suggestions!

SHCG Perks:
* We have our own BLOG where we keep track of everything!
* We host Monthly Challenges (MC), rotated among members.
* We may post Member Hosted Challenges (MHC) with optional RAKs at any given time.
* We may hold contests when we feel like it.
* We learn more about each other through the Question of the Week, posted by the first person eager enough to respond.
* We give and get birthday gifties from our Wish Lists.
* We collaborate on how to keep this group running efficiently.