Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BWC #3: Your Top 10 of the Millenium's First Decade

Please read 2Q10 #3 before attempting this challenge. After you have chosen a theme, choose TEN pictures or pieces of ephemera--only ONE to represent the major highlight of each year from 2000-2009. With your theme as your finished product's title, create a layout, mini album, frame, greeting card, or any other relevant project for this challenge that tells us what you think we ought to know about your aughts.

Chris, a Past Member in Good Standing who left our group to begin her journey into parenthood, chose Journeys for her decade's theme. Good standing indeed, she just can't stand to keep away from us, no matter how hard she tries. We <3 Chris!

Sharon's response to Michelle's 2009 BWC #26 Animal in Me could be a reflection that she soared to new heights in the past decade.

While Wendy launches a new decade in response to her own 2010 BWC #1 Find Your Passion.

2Q10 #3: Your Top 10 of the Millenium's First Decade

The first decade of the millenium, known as "the aughts," has come to a close--and what a decade it's been! Choose a theme and share your decade's top 10 moments. Challenge yourself to choose only one for each year. Check out this NBC link for theme ideas. What ought we to know about your aughts?

Reflecting on my first decade of the millenium, my wanderlust exposed itself, so I decided upon a travel theme. However, some years we traveled more than others and the challenge became committing to one top travel destination for those years. Here's my example:

Our Decade of Journeys
2000: Honeymoon in Monterey.
2001: No phones, no television weekend in mystical Timber Cove.
2002: Bye-bye Berkeley apartment. Hello, new home, sweet home
2003: Branched off of a VW bus road trip with friends from NorCal through Big Sur, for an Arizona-Grand Canyon-Vegas jaunt.
2004: Anniversary in Maui and rendezvous with friends.
2005: Survived Costa Rica.
2006: Epic three week summer journey with friends and family in Europe.
2007: Flew to Connecticut and drove to Massachusetts with college friends for our friends' fall wedding.
2008: Aloha Hawaiian islands--three times!
2009: Paris in the springtime.