Monday, November 3, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week - Nov. 2, 2008

Pardons for being a day late w/ this, galzz... Today I'm asking about "What Lies Beneath..." - no this is not an underwear, nor a horror/suspense film, QOW. Talking about something more ordinary - list & discuss what is under your BED right now! Perhaps you have confessions, or even organizational wisdom, to share. Just curious.... ;o)

I'll start. Under our bed we have -

- A heated mattress pad which was a GODSEND when we lived in the 'burbs a few years ago. These days in our city home, our heat is pretty rockin & it doesn't get as cold so this doesn't get much use...

- My several pairs of cold-weather boots. Yes you warm-weather babez, some of us hafta own more than one!

- A box of my old journals spanning from college to present day. They used to be in my closet but I was fishing them out so much for sb journaling that I moved them here.

- A list of guitar chord progressions for a song & an Eddie Bauer catalog - these fell off from DH's nightstand, he's such a cutie...

- Enough dust bunnies to knit a pair of gloves! I try to sweep under there but sometimes during the express cleaning jobs it doesn't always happen....

How about YOU?