Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monthly Challenge #6: October TATTOO!

This month's challenge is about TATTOOs. Scrap a photo of a tattoo or a design inspired by a tattoo.

The word tattoo is said to have two major derivations from the polynesian word "ta" which means striking something and the tahitian word "tatao" which means to mark something. People have been tattooing themselves since 12,000 BC. The most famous tattoo subject over the centuries, has been the Dragon. Today tattoos are more accepted and popular than ever before, and many tattoos are now considered "fine art".

Now is your chance to show off those tattoos or be inspired by tattoo art. Old English is the most popular tattoo font and the top 10 tattoo these days are Tribal, Nautical Star, Cross, Angel, Wings, Maori, Dragon, Phoenix, Butterfly, and Fairy. Other popular tattoos you may have in your scrapbook collection of punches & stickers include hearts, flowers, flames, dragonfly, dolphins, fleur de lis, cupids, compass, birds, skulls.

This is a great subject to try your hand with puffy pens, mists, fine ink pens, stamping, and paper piercing. Have fun!

Monday, October 3, 2011

TRAKking RAK Winner May-June 2011

As Marlene awarded the Jan-Apr RAK (probably for her last time), it's my turn to do the May-Aug one.

As we set forth when awarding the last RAK, the last 3 recipients (Denitza, Chris & Ammara) were excluded from being in the RAK-running...

And this period's winner, with hearty amount of check-ins, 100+% layout submissions & a steady flow of critiques is... Michelle! Congrats, Michelle, be on the lookout for a $10 e-gift certificate!

Honorable mention to Jesse - your steady participation Jun-Aug put your right on Michelle's heels...

THANKS again to Chris for the tRAKking. And thanks to you all for keeping this awesome group going, albeit at a more quiet, mellow pace these days. (I really do enjoy doing the tRAKking when I actually have the time...)