Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Design Tutorial: Flow

For our second tutorial, we’re going to discuss visual flow in our scrapbook layouts. The elements on your layout should help guide the reader’s eye across the page and to the focal point {usually a photo, if making a multi-photo layout either the group of photos or the best photo of the bunch.} Thus, a layout that has movement is employing good flow techniques.

To establish whether you have visual flow, review one of your layouts and ask yourself the following:
- Does the visual flow work with gravity? Or against it?
- Does the eye flow from one element to the next the way you want it to?
- Count the steps it takes to get to the focal point. Are there more than two?
- In "flash-card" fashion, show the layout (quickly) to an unsuspecting viewer... what's the first thing they saw. Next? Next? Is that what you intended?

There are a few ways to introduce flow to a scrapbook page.
- Employ a sequence of events photographs for multi-photo layouts. If there isn’t a prominent sequence, employ numbers on each photograph to direct the reader’s eye to each photo and end on the focal photo. Make your focal photo larger!
- Use repetition. Too much repetition creates monotony but when used effectively can lead to rhythm, and focalization. Repetition can be achieved with colors, or embellishments. When using embellishments, use an odd number rather than an even number, as it is often more eye pleasing.
- Create a line going across the page. Straight lines tend to be forceful, structural and stable and direct the observer's eye to a point faster than curved lines. Curved or free-flowing lines are sometimes described as smooth, graceful or gentle and create a relaxing, progressive, moving and natural feeling. Create the line with photos or embellishments.

So this week, when you're doing your "stashofont" layouts, make sure your page flows well. I feel inspired today {mostly by Sharon's great challenge} and so the page with the most flow will receive this: http://www.magisticalmemories.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=TRAMB

Weekly Challenge #27 - Stashoffont

Hi everyone! Time for Weekly Challenge #27.

First, let's recognize everyone who responded to Weekly Challenge #26 Beatlemania -

Denitza (Nitza) - Tell Me What You See

Jen (jenfitz) - Close Your Eyes (also a Rule of Thirds response!)

Tiffany (whenscraphappens) - This Boy

Missy (806melissa) - Do You Want To Know A Secret

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Great work, ladiezz! If I left someone off, please PM me and I'll add you.

OK, now for this week. This week I challenge you to create a Stashoffont LO. What is that you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked...

I've always loved reading about those multi-layered challenges, they always seem like mini scrappy scavenger hunts, but I've never tackled one. Well, now I'm getting all of YOU to do so. Don't worry, I'm along for the ride as well so we're in this together...

For this week's challenge, your LO must include each of the following -

- OLD STASH paper(s) & at least one OLD stash stamp and/or embellishment. Visualize the oldest paper in your stash, as well as your oldest stamp and/or embellishment(s). And I'll give you some leeway, it can be "among the oldest stuff" that you own. Just something that definitely fits in the "Wow I still have that?"/"Gee this has been here since the dawn of my scrapping..." category. You can use sheet s from your oldest paper pack/stack/whatever OR scrap s that you KNOW are from your oldest stuff , anything goes.

- Something you'd find in an OFFICE. Anything - supplies or the resulting products of office supplies.

and last but not least

- At least one word in TWO different FONTS. Can be the title, a word in the journaling , etc. One or both fonts can be handwritten (so long as they're distinctly different) - WHATEVER!

So to recap, STASH items, an OFFice item and a word in two different FONTs. Stashoffont!

Edited to add - Since this is being posted midweek (several days earlier than I thought I would be posting), your deadline for this challenge is Sunday June 15th, giving you at least a full week to work.

Look forward to seeing what we can all come up with. Have fun!