Saturday, January 3, 2009

BWC #1 (of 2009): "Git 'Er Done!!!!"

I am like many of the rest of you... setting goals and in a purging/organizing/productive kind of mood for the new year. Hopefully it will last... I'm optimistic but only time will tell.

In honor of this new mood, I challenge you to pull out a project/layout/something that is half-done or has been lingering in your mind and just GET IT DONE! I'm going to be vague in the requirements here because the goal is to have a finished project that you are happy with rather than something else cluttering up space in your scrap area or in your mind. (If you are unlike me and are totally on top of things, Kudos to you. In that case, create something new for us to admire!)

Can't wait to see what you gals come up with.

Special thanks go out to:
The galzz who shared their favorite 2008 layouts:
Lisa's "Great Britian Vacation"
Marlene's "What Would You Say"
Chris' "07 Tree"

Also, a great big shout out to the gals who alerted the fashion police with their holiday sweaters: Marlene, Sharon, Deborah and Amanda
(Check out the photos on the main thread if you haven't already)

Hope I didn't miss anyone... let me know if I did and I'll be happy to correct it.