Monday, December 31, 2007

Quezztion of the Week!

I'm posting this QOW on behalf of our pledge Marlene, who was first to post her answer to the last QOW.

Do you ever make New Year’s resolutions and if so, what are your resolutions for 2008?

All righty grrlzz, have it at!

Friday, December 28, 2007

SHCG Birthday Swap Details

Here are all of the details:
For Scrap Happenz Critique Group members only, not in pledge status. You must be an active member and have belonged to the group for at least three months.
First, everyone will p.m. me right after reading this with their address and birthday (don't worry if it's already passed, it comes around again in less than a year!!)
At the beginning of each month I will post in the thread who has a birthday that month and what the date of it is. I will p.m. the birthday girl's address to each member of the group so it is not in the main thread.. it will be kept private. I think it would be easier just to send it directly to the person who's birthday it is (that way no extra postage in necessary). I will post once a week during that month just to make sure no one forgets.
The item you send to the person will be in a $1-5 price range. It can be something store bought (ex. brads, eyelets, pack of white tags, embellies, ribbon, etc.) , it can be something handmade/altered such as a monogram, matchbox, tags, birthday card, etc. , or even a small item from their wishlist. Please send something that they will be able to put in or use with their scrapbook (A/L Free!!) and make sure it is something you would put in your own scrapbook (not something you'd never use because its so ugly) BUT it can be something you just happen to have extra of or just can't use.. you do not have to specially buy it.
The item needs to be at that person's house by the end of the month. It does not necessarily need to be there on their birthday, especially if it is at the beginning of the month.
If it is your birthday month, p.m. me as you get your gifts to let me know who they're from (just so I can keep track of who has sent theirs and who hasn't.. if I see someone hasn't sent their's and its the last week.. i will p.m. you to remind you.)
We can start with January if everyone thinks they will be able to get a gift sent by the end of the month.
So p.m. me ASAP with your birthday and address so I can get the addresses and January birthdays put out to the participants.
If you have any other questions please p.m. me.. and remember, this is completely optional. You do not have to participate, but it's tons of fun!! Who doesn't love getting 12 presents during your birthday month??

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Past

Tis the season for love, peace, family and PRESENTS!!!

For those of you who are veterans of this group, you know I tend to like to make us go down memory lane, way back to childhood.

As a child, what were some of your favorite Christmas gifts you received?
Try to name 5

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Weekly Challenge

First and foremost, let me apologize for such a late post!

However, there will be two weeks for this weekly challenge, and two weeks for all of the others from now on.

Let me also give credit to those who completed last week's challenge.

Ok, your challenge for this week is to use metal. That's it. Any kind of metal in any way you like. It can be brads in the center of a flower, metal mesh, staples, anything your heart desires. You can do this on a LO, card, project, etc. Surprise me!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Photoshop - What would you like to learn more about?

Wedding Before & After Photoshop adjustments
What would you like to learn more about? (please leave a comment)
1) How to “blur” the background?
2) Remove distracting elements in the background? Examples: bright wall, bright tree, shadow line, etc.
3) Retouching tricks? Examples: silhouette of back, pearl necklace, wrinkles, shiny skin, etc.
4) More exposure tricks? Bright background and shaded subject, whiten teeth, etc.
Gelidy Gelato

Sunday, December 9, 2007

QueZZtion of the Week 12/9/07

Hi, ladiezz!

I am posting this Quezztion of the Week for our Gov'nahzz Eat Sleep Scrap, as she was the first member to answer last week's Quezztion.

Without further delay, Melissa would like us to:

Pick a scar or mark on your body and tell us how you got it.

Sounds like a good one, huh? Dig it!

Weekly Challenge #49: Some Interaction

OK before I launch into things, here are the latest responses to these Weekly Challenges which haven’t yet been recognized here, starting w/ last week’s challenge:

Using a Quote WC:
Lisa: The Greatest Treasure...
GovMelissa: It's a No Win
Wendy: Punctuality
Tiffany: When You Are Through Changing, You Are Through
Marlene: Chuck E. Cheese "A Cool Place To Be A Kid"

Ad Inspirations, Making Headlines, Out of the Scrap Room & Second Chance WCs:
Sharon: Usual Suspects in VT pg 1
Usual Suspects in VT pg 2
Usual Suspects in VT pg 3
Usual Suspects in VT pg 4
Usual Suspects pg 4 hidden photo detail

Leftovers WC:
Denitzza: Remember
GovMelissa: While You Were Out
Tiffany: Do You Want Some Of THIS
Lisa: Great Britain Vacation Day 4
Sharon: Wishes Of Christmas Past - 2004
Wishes of Christmas Past (detail)

Extreme Makeover WC:
Tiffany: Love
GovMelissa: Life's To Do List

Outstanding work, all! Please check these out, along w/ other fantastic creations from the LO thread, if you haven’t already. Now for this week’s challenge…

“I can get some
I can get some
Satisfaction…” (sung to the Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’).

Lots of wonderful activity has been bubbling within SHCG lately…we started a fresh new thread, the veteranzz have had thoughtful discussions about going forward, the newbiezz are adding a nice spark. There’s been lots of positive interaction & that is so excellent. In this spirit, this week I challenge you to use interactive elements. Pockets, pop-ups, pop-outs, pull-outs, mini-books, flippers, flaps, extenders, what-have-you, maybe what you'll do doesn't even have a name yet! You’ve all been so great at interacting lately, now let’s get some of that interaction on your pages! Deadline is next Sunday 12/16, following which I’ll post a poll (my very first) & award the winner w/ this adorable kit, just because! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Photoshop Mini-lesson #2

Ever wonder how those Black & White photos with key elements in color are created? In Photoshop there are several way to create this effect. Assuming you are starting with a color photo, the easiest method is #4 (listed below). Using a brush tool you simply paint the areas you want into Black & White (grayscale). It's easy and surprisely fast. (Please Note: The image on the right also includes some retouching. Example: The harsh shadow in the background has been toned down. )

Method 1) Duplicate your image (layer) and convert it to grayscale. In the grayscale layer select the area you want to be in color and “erase” it to let the color version show through (to let the color layer underneath the grayscale layer show though). CONS must be a good with the eraser tool.

Method 2) Carefully select and copy the area you want to be in color. Convert the whole image to grayscale, then convert back to RGB and paste the color selection back in. CONS must be able to select an exact area and you may not like the edge of the area you paste in.

Method 3) Carefully select the area you want to be in color, then choose Select Inverse and invert the selection to encompass the background, then use the Hue/Saturation feature to desaturate the whole backgroud to black and white. CONS also must be able to select an exact area.

Method #4) Begin with your color image, select the Brush tool, in the tool Options Bar, from the pull-down menu select MODE then COLOR. Now, select a brush size that works well for the area you want to make B&W and paint the color away (converts to grayscale). Switch to a smaller brush for the detailed areas.

Photoshop Elements – Everything is in the options bar across the top a) grab a brush, b) set brush style and size, c) set the blending mode to "Color" and d) paint away!

Method 5) Choose Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation. Observe in the layers palette you've now picked up new Layer, complete with Layer Mask. Move the Saturation slider all the way to the left to desaturate the image, or remove the color. Remember that an adjustment layer is the key because it doesn't disturb the underlying image. Select the Brush Tool, make sure that foreground color is black, select the new layer and paint the area you want in color.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekly Challenge #48: Using a Quote

Hey! Hey all of you. This is my first attempt at posting a challenge. Here it goes...

One of my favorite things to use for titles on scrapbook pages are quotes! Usually I have found these quotes in the past and they typically fit my personality or subject in the picture. I also use quotes to make a statement which I really want said, but maybe do not have a picture for, so I improvise with a quote and some random picture.

For example, I have a quote that fits my personality says "punctuality is a virtue of the bored" and that fits me to the T. If I have to be somewhere on time, I really, really have to work at it and pretty much everyone around me knows this about me. It is something I struggle with and stress over all of the time, but it is still part of my life.

So, my weekly challenge for everyone is to pick a quote that you love and one that also fits your personality! Use this quote somewhere on your page!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

QueZZtion of the Week 12/2/07

Alrighty, girlzz.
I have two different "quezztions" this week. There is one here that is sure to not offend. However, there is another that I thought was fun over on my blog that I am inviting my girlzz to also complete.

The first quezztion:
What are the top 10 things on your Christmas list for this year (2007)?
These can be tangible or abstract, of course.

The "alternative" quezztion can be found at:

I can't wait to read the answers to both of these!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekly Challenge #47: Left-overs!

I am sorry this weekly challenge is a bit late! Now that Thanksgiving is done, I thought I would do a play on what always seems to be around after the belly-busting feast, left-overs! A quick anecdote is that my dad's turkey soup is the best left-over ever. He takes the little bits of the turkey left behind, adds some of the left-over carrots and makes it into this amazing, delicious soup. So the idea is that the best things can come from looking at left-overs, mixing them up a bit and seeing what comes from that.

The challenge, then, is to not use anything new on a layout. You don't have to use the oldest of old stash but to really be creative with what is left-over from your scrapping. Perhaps the dots from your 3-hole punch will add pizazz? Or the strip that you punched stars out of? It can even include items from outside of scrapping if you wish--do you still have a key from an old house lying around? Stuff in a junk drawer somewhere? Can we create beautiful layouts from left-overs?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Journaling Contest Entries

When a certain football player (who will remain unnamed) asked me to marry him, I knew life would never be the same. What I didn't know was that our wedding day would be the day that I realized everything would change.

Since my husband-to-be was such a popular and loved player for our city's team, with a great passion for the game, his mates convinced him (didn't take much, really) to stage our wedding at the football arena with the ceremony taking place right on the field. He would be at one end zone, and me approaching him from the other for "the final touchdown." Hmph. Football players.

Anyway, my beloved decided to take it one step further and invite all of his fans and the press to fill the stands. I was so caught up in such a whirlwind of publicity by this point, that I just went along for the ride. Needless to say, with thousands of people watching from the stands and thousands more on TV, I was nervous. As we got closer to my team, the bridal party, making our "first downs" onto the field, I got even more anxious and I felt like I had to pee. To top it off, it was a very cold, November day, which didn't make my situation any better. However, I couldn't use the restrooms in either of the locker rooms because they were blocked by paparazzi; and, the restrooms in the stands were off-limits to the wedding party and their guests for our own security. All that was left were the port-a-potties!

I couldn't hold it any longer. I shoved my bouquet into my maid-of-honor's hands, and made a dash for the closest one. Man, I hate those things! I've always avoided using one if I could ever help it. This was one detail my man did not plan for in his fantasy wedding. Good thing, my dress contained a hoop. I was able to lift and squat without getting a single stain on my dress, but it also meant I had to keep holding it up in order to get out untouched.

I heard my maid-of-honor just outside trying to warn me about something, but all I could think of was getting outta there as fast as possible. As I kicked the door open, I heard a stirring in the stands which quickly rose into a roar and cheering, when I realized that it was all for me. I looked up and there I was on the big screen, frozen in time like a deer caught in the headlights with my dress hiked up to my garter. At that moment, a photog snapped this pic which aired on every sports network and was published in every sports mag and newspaper as "one of the highlights" of our wedding game. And that was my initiation into the life of a football player's wife.

Governor Melissa:
The test had a plus sign, now to figure out which one of you is the father..

Title: it's the SMALL THINGS
Jane, as I reflect on the your wedding day, it is truly the SMALL things that made your day so very special.
The SMALL, stolen kisses between you and John.
Some SMALL tears that escaped your daddy's eyes.
Two SMALL beautiful rings that symbolize the unending circle of love that you two share.
Your SMALL bladder that forced you to squeeze into that SMALL porta-potty for a SMALL bit of time (in the middle of your vows), while we all had a SMALL giggle at your expense.

Well, you learned one SMALL lesson: Don't sweat the SMALL things, Mrs. Doe.

I can not believe I didn’t make sure the restaurant have a bathroom! Actually, let me correct my self -they did have a bathroom-outside in the parking lot, they just “ forgot” to mention that little detail. Here it is the most important photo of the day: the bride in a port-a-potty. Unforgettable!
Moral of the story: check everything in the restaurant, even the bathrooms!

R - Really excited about marrying my true love today!
E - Enthusiastic that the big day is really here and that my mom and friends are around to help me prepare.
L - Little bit uncomfortable at having to keep tinkling once all dressed up in my corset, crinoline and gown…maybe it's just nerves and that third cup of coffee!
I - It freaks us all out when the toilet in the cabin's bridal suite overflows; my train barely misses the flood & the shoes of 2 bridesmaids get wet. AND I still have to pee!
E - Efforts to help me reach a fever pitch as I run raving and screaming bridezilla-like outside looking for a tree to hide and squat behind; I knock over Aunt Gertrude & her tower of poorly wrapped Precious Moments figurines. Mom chases me with a bucket and Kleenex.
F - FINALLY find comfort in the guests' Port-o-Potties at the edge of the ceremony property! Ahhhhhhh…. So sweet of the groomsmen to come to my aid with some Purell!
The relieved bride is now ready to get this show on the road! Let's get married!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Photosop mini lesson #1

First lets start with something you probably all ready know but for those Photoshop virgins out there, we will share. The Bar at the left side of the page we will refer to as our toolbar. On the lower right corner of most of the tools you will see a tiny triangle, this means there are other tools that are hiding behind the tool showing. If you click on the tool and keep your mouse button pressed for a few seconds, you will see the pop up menu as displayed above that shows the tools hidden behind. You can move your mouse over and click on one of the other tools to bring it to the forefront on the toolbar and use it as an active tool.

On the toolbar, look to the left column of tools, about midway down you will see that I have clicked on the lollypop looking thing. That is called the dodge tool, behind it are the burn & smudge tools. Lets say you have an object in a photo that is shaded, maybe someones face has a shadow, the Dodge tool can help. If you have an overly bright area, the burn tool could help there.

Dodge & Burn Tools:
First a few tips:
If you have very dark shaded areas, they probably dont have a lot of digital detail so even after using the dodge tool, you could still end up with grayish shadows.
If you have overly lightened areas, the burn tool may not have good results either.
You'll want to use either of these tools in moderation and work on small areas.

1)Click on either of these tools to activate it.
2)Choose your brush (It is usually best to zoom in fairly close to the part of the photo that you are wanting to work on and using softer brushes will blend better to the surrounding parts of the photo)
3)Now Choose the range option you desire
shadows to lighten or darken
midtones to adjust the tones of average darkness
highlights to make the brightest areas even lighter or usually, darker.
4)By using the exposer slider/text box, choose the amount of the effect you want to apply.
5)Now click on the areas of the photo that you would like your desired effect on (or hold down your mouse button and “brush” across the area), until you are satisfied with the outcome. The more times you go over the same spot, the more it will increase the effect. It Be careful not to over-do it but if you do, you can always back up via your History Palette. (Please notify if you need to know more about the History Palette and we'll cover that next)

Below are some samples of using the Dodge tool. Notice how her hair is so dark that it blends into the background, on a few of the photos I did try to lighten her hair too but as the tip above states, due to the lack of digital detail, nothing really resulted.


Using shadows @ 22%

Midtones @ 50%

Highlights @ 25%

Obviously you will get different results for different photos & circumstances. You will need to just play with what looks good to the eye until you find what works.

Monday, November 19, 2007

? OW ( quezztion of the week)

O.k. since I was the first one to answer last week's question it's my turn to ask :)

What are the 3 most important things in your house that you can't leave without?

My 3 things are:
1. Shower
2. Computer
3. Coffee

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekly Challenge #46: Extreme Makeover-Layout Edition

Let me begin by thanking our beautiful Brenda for giving us a "Second Chance" to meet some past challenges.

If you haven't already, please be sure to check these out:
Lisa's Weekly Challenge #39 The Men in My Life
Brenda's Weekly Challenge #39 My Man (Triathlon 1-2)
Brenda's Weekly Challenge #39 My Man (Triathlon 3-4)
Brenda's Weekly Challenge #40 Aaron's First Eagle
Denitza's Weekly Challenge #5 Little Man
Denitza's Weekly Challenge #3 Leave Your Mark
Tiffany's Weekly Challenge #39 U fill my heart
Tiffany's Weekly Challenge #40 do your best

There were some other great layouts that you should all check out on the layout thread!

If I missed anyone, please send me a private message, so that I can update.

Extreme Makeover: Layout Edition
After some discussion on the thread, I decided to challenge you fabulous girls to find an older layout and update it. Some in our group haven't been scrapping long, but even still our earlier layouts are noticeably different from our more recent ones. However, some of us have been scrapping for over 10 years, and, well, a few pictures are worth a thousand words.
Click if you dare:

Have some cake!

Walking down the aisle.

The horror! Why didn't someone do an intervention with the evil deco-scissors? WHY?
As you can see, I have my work cut out (pun intended) for me. I hope you can find something too.
When you post your response to the weekly challenge, please link us to the original, as well. :D The due date (which the Governor has noticed was missing) is 11/25/07

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

QueZZtion of the Week

Ok Ladies, here it is....

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, name 6 things you are thankful for. Sound easy? Well I'm going to make you think about that for a little bit. You have to use the Letters in "Turkey" to begin each word or phrase. Get as creative as you want!

1)The love of my family
2)U terrific gals!
3)Realization that life is really a gift
4)Knowing I have friends who care
5)Eating yummy foods....
6)Yesterday, today and tomorrow and capturing it all for future generations to see.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

WC #45-Choose Your Challenge (aka Second Chance Challenge)

Thank your lucky stars for the stellar zodiac los from
* MyNitzza, our inventive Virgo Virgo
* and Tiffany, our horny Aries Such an Aries

The year is winding down, the Holidaze are creeping up on us and, before you know it, it's time for the New Year and a whole new set of Weekly Cha--er, Biweekly Challenges. It got me thinking about the WCs I've missed that I always intended to complete and how that feeling of leaving things unfinished continues to gnaw away at me. If you've ever felt like me on this one, here's your second chance. Choose a WC from the past and fulfill it. When uploading your lo, please label your description WC #45/WC #?? [Past WC Title]. I have kept track of the WC titles on an old SHCG thread. Click here to view the list. Let me know if you have any questions about a particular week's details; otherwise, WC #5 is the earliest one detailed in our blog. For those who are feeling particularly ambitious, try completing two or more los for other WCs you've missed. I'm looking forward to some blasts from the past!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


We had one of these a really long time ago, and I was just browsing through the old thread and thought this would be a good thing to have just for fun.
The contest is based around journaling. What I want you to do is create some journaling for the picture below. You can write anything you want, but make it as if this was a picture you took and you were going use this picture on a scrapbook page. Write your journaling as you would if you were telling the story on your LO. It can be serious or funny, just have fun with it!!

Have at it!!
When you write your journaling, PM me your entry. I'll post them all here one week from today, and then we can vote on them once they'er posted. Please do not post them here, we dont want anyone getting your ideas!!! So the due date for this to be PM'd to me is 11/13/07. Have fun!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

WC#44-Zodiac Signs

This week I challenge you to scrap your zodiac sign. Or if you like, scrap the sign of a loved one.Can't wait to see what you all come up with! Get busy!

Last week's challenge,"Making Headlines" was completed by:

Monday, October 29, 2007

WC #43 - Making Headlines

Who doesn't love a juicy story? I know I sure do and that is what inspired this challenge. This week you get to play reporter. Create your scrapbook page as if you were creating the front page of a newspaper, tabloid, or magazine.

Here is a cute example I found:

Have Fun!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

WC#42-Out of the Scrap Room

This week I dare you to use something that is not made for scrapbooking. Go to your office and pull out the staples, go to the kitchen and pull out the aluminum foil :) or just use paint. Just let your imagination go free and use something outside of your scrapbooking supplies. I'll be waiting to see all the amazing work!
The los that were created for last week's challenge-"Catalogs, Adds, Billboards":
1. Denitza: " Summer Time"

Monday, October 15, 2007

WC#41-Catalogs, Adds, Billboards

Sometimes when I can't get inspired by my photos, the story behind them, my family, the flowers around me or anything else that usually makes me just want to create, I look at adds. They are everywhere! Here is the page ( from Ikea catalog) that inspire me to create a fun lo with photos from this summer. I hope this week you can take time to look at the photo and get inspired to create something-doesn't have to be a lo-anything. Can't way to see what you can come up with!
Congrats to the girlzz that created los for the last week's challenge " Brenda, You've Been Scrapjacked"-you are one more lo closer to your goal!
1. Sharon: " You Are My Hero"
2. Jessica: " Cousins"
3. Angela: " Carpe Diem"
5. Denitza: " Fall"

Amazing los and one more time -thanks to Brenda!

Monday, October 8, 2007

WC#40-..., you've been SCRAPJACKED!!!

This week we will be scrapjacking one of our own. This lo was created for the Lucky 7 contest and I still don't know why, oh why they ( didn't choose any of the Scrap Happenzz los!!??!!?? Anyways.
O.k., o.k. I know it's about time to tell you ......
Brenda, you've been scrapjacked!

Here you have it. Get to scrapping and have fun! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!
And,Brenda, if you like to scrapjack yourself and create another great lo-go ahead, if you don't feel like it and you still want to create something -my challenge to you is to create a card based on this lovely lo ( Sharon, thanks for sharing this amazing idea with us). Thanks, Brenda, for sharing this awesome lo with us and letting us use it as an inspiration!

Don't forget to check the los that have been done for last week's challenge-" The Man/Men in Our Lives". Here are the girlzz that uploaded/will upload los:
1. Jessica: "My Guy"
3. Brenda: "Triathlon" p.1-2
                  "Triathlon" p.3-4
4. Becky: "Your Smile"
6. Denitza: "You"

Great los , girlzz!

Monday, October 1, 2007

WC#39-The Men in our Lives

For this week's challenge I decided that we need to pay some attention to the men in our lives. We always tend to create los about the kids, vacations, but not enough about our men. So this week I challenge you to create a lo about the men around you -husbands, fathers, sons, boyfriends,uncles, friends,brothers...The due date for this challenge will be 10/07-Sunday. I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Now get busy!:)

Thanks, Jess, for the last 2 weeks -great challenges!
The girlzz that posted los:
1.Jessica-6x12 lo: "Note to {younger} Self"
2.Sharon-12x12 lo: "Serious Little Me"
3.Brenda-8x8 los: "Earth to Goth Girl"
4.Angela-12x12 lo: "Carpe Diem"
5.Denitza-81/2x 11 lo: " Hey U"

Great los! If somebody else posts a lo, I'll update the info here.

Monday, September 24, 2007

WC #38

I'm not going to post the completed LOs from last week until the end of this when I post the winner, since it's a two-week long challenge.

With this week's challenge, you have a choice between two (since I couldn't choose and don't want to be stingy and take another week away from denitza) or you can do both!
Option #1: Scrap something you don't like about yourself. It can be physical or not. It can be something you do, or a part of your body. It's all up to you. (imperfect lives, will fill in page # when i find it again, lol)
Option #2: Scrap your dirty little secrets. This can be about anything. Your quirks, short cuts you take, anything you can possibly think of you'd want to fall under this category. An example of this in the book was of a mom who told all of her shorcuts she take so she can have some "me" time. Such as doing the "sniff test" rather than doing another load of laundry. Occasionally I'll do my son's homework rather than fighting and arguing with him, so that it gets done. It doesnt have to be like this at all. Anything you can think of at all!!(imperfect lives page 59)

Alright, now get scrapping! Have fun!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

WC #37

Firstly, I want to thank Brenda for stepping in and posting a last minute/mid-week WC for us (and a great one for the month with the 9/11 theme). So, Brenda- a big thanks to you!

Second, those people who participated and/or posted a LO

  • Denitza
  • Brenda
  • Christy
  • Sarah (will upload soon)
  • Sharon (will upload soon)

Can't wait to see the others when they're uploaded.

Now, for this week's challenge. I had such a difficult time deciding between two that I had narrowed it down to. However, eenie meenie minie moe really worked here, and I've got one for this week.

This week's challenge will be to write a note to your younger self. You can give your younger self advice, with the knowledge you know now and how you would have used it then. You can include a picture of yourself of around the time you would have liked to receive this note, a picture of yourself now, both, or no picture at all. It is entirely up to you. Maybe you'll want to make this the first page of the WIGU (when I grow up) mini album if you participated in that.. or if you are working on a BOM, this would be a great addition. What you include on this page is entirely up to you. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

The Due Date for this will be Sunday, 9/23. At this point, i'll post another challenge for next week. Then, Sunday 9/30 will be the due date. On this day, I would need everyone to PM me with their favorite LO for the two weeks (if you only did one week, i'll assume it's that one). When I receive everyone's PM, I'll put up a poll and we'll vote for the favorite LO. When I find out the winner I'll send out a RAK!!

Happy Scrapping!

The credit for this idea goes to my "Imperfect Lives" book i got, page 17.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekly Challenge #34-36: Keep the Momentum Going

All hail MyNitza for her prompt response to Sarah's WC! Some props go to my seester as well for stepping up to bat against my curveball for the challenge. Mucho gratitude to our CG for being such great sports and participating in the rivalry. I dunno where all the baseball references are coming from, so let's just get this ball rolling...

The last due date for a WC was Sept. 2. No WCs have been posted since then, so this challenge will serve to cover those weeks. Your challenge is to create, upload, and link a lo--ANY LO!--for critiquing. Critiques will be based on basic design principles: rule of thirds, color, balance, and flow. Optional redirect: Create, upload, and link a lo based on/inspired by/reflecting on 9/11 which will also be critiqued according to the basic design principles. Basically, this week's challenge is to get a lo done and shared by Sunday, September 16! Gotta keep some kinda momentum going here. Your reward is the satisfaction of knowing that you met the challenge.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sarah's Weekly Challenge

Ok, since sarah couldn't post on here for some reason, I copied what she wrote and pasted it here.

Firstly, thanks to Christy for holding last weeks challenge (Walking down Memory Lane). The people who posted their LOs were:
(If I missed anyone please let me know!!)
This weeks challenge
So when we browse through our scrapbooks we tend to see that there are elements that we always use. So look at the last 5 LO’s you made write the similarities between them (you will need at least 2).

So, being the talented bunch of scrappers you are, I challenge you to create a LO that doesnt use 2 (or for the more daring of you - more) of the list. This can be something simple like handwritting journalling instead of it being typed or more dificult such as not using that one thing that appears on all of your LOs such as flowers or buttons or using more than one photo. Or even no photos at all!!!

There is going to be a prize (winner decided by the old fashioned voting system!!! lol ). The due date for this challenge is Sunday 2nd September. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ATC Swap


Jessica (x3JessicaLouise)
Brenda (twinscrapbee)
Denitza (Nitza)
Nitza (alma scrapper)
Tiff (whenscraphappens)
Jen (JenFitz)
Wendy (wendygirl)
Sharon (blushpea)
Angela (sosumi_san)
Moi (scrapbooks by moi)

Ok, that's all that I've gotten an absolute "yes" from. So.. let me know if you need to be added to the list.

Think of an ATC as a tiny scrapbook page or a tag. They are 2.5" x 3.5". You can use any type of A/L free media on the card, but the foundation of the card itself should be made of heavy CS. With mine, I actually used a playing card because they are the perfect size, or pretty close.

It is up to you to design the card, but most swaps of this nature have a theme to narrow things down a bit. The theme for this swap will be: Love in Another Language! Since the poll was a tie between Love theme and Using another language, we'll just combine them (thanks moi). So just get your mind working, and get thinking about what you want to do.

Not all trading card enthusiasts subscribe to the A/L free policy, but for our purposes I would ask that you adhere to it. Depending on the materials used, you can definitely use Mod Podge as a sealant. If that's not the route you choose then please use quality adhesive. Also note that smoke/odor free products are important, as always, so please be considerate of others in this respect.

Some people make protective paper envies or sleeves for their cards... not necessary, but a nice touch. Some people alter tins to store them in and others use segmented baseball card inserts (the kind that you keep in a binder, like a photo album). There are also ATC holders you can either buy or make. You will be making one card for everyone who participates plus yourself. Send ALL of the cards to me and I will distribute them and ship them out. You will get yours back with the rest!
I will need you to send me as much as it cost to send to me (in $0.41 stamps please) as well as an extra two (2) $0.41 stamps in the package. If we have any overseas shipments, you can just send me a dollar or something.

Here are some great links.

Excellent Article with tons of technique suggestion and lots of examples:

All of the links on this page are pretty useful:

One specific example with step-by-step instructions:

Sarah's very useful link with many examples:

More examples within the same link:

Here is a whole community devoted entirely to ATCs that people have made.

The due date for shipping will be 10/1/07!! This is in hopes of having them in my hand by 10/13/07 .

Monday, August 6, 2007

Memory Lane challenge

Hello ladiez! I havent done this in a while so forgive me if I do something wrong or forget something!
I feel that we are usually so busy scrapping the latest pictures that we've taken that we forget the early years so,

My challenge is this:

I challenge you to scrap something about your childhood. Old photos of you or your family, an old pet, or if that is not something that is easy for you to do because of lack of photos or something else, scrap a page about a toy(s), place(s), or just something that brought you joy when you were a child. Please dig deep in to your memory and give me some journaling here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sketch Challenge-2

I haven't hosted a challenge in a long time. After the in-laws are all gone and we are ( kind of) back to normal in my house, I think now is the time for it.
I saw this sketch on www. and it is sketch # 41 ( their are some great example los). I never done a lo like that before , so here it is my opportunity. I also think it will be fun to see what everyone can come up with. The due date for the challenge will be August 5th. The next day, August 6th, I'll make a poll and we will vote for the winning lo. The creator of the winning lo will get a RAK from me. O.k., ladies, get busy and have fun!

Week Challenge # 29 and # 30 " My Letter"

First thing: Thanks Angela for the last week's challenge, which was great! Thanks to K for the DT" Balance" -great one too!
Second: if you haven't checked the los that were created for the last WC/ DT,please checked them out when you have time.

K's: 100% Math Exam

Angela's: Their Home

Tiff's: Here comes Mr. Bingle

Jess's: Object of my Affection

Denitza's: Little Treasures

Third: For the next TWO weeks our challenge will be to alter the first letter of our names. You can get a letter from any craft store and alter it-you can hang it in you scrap space or you bedroom or the bathroom. You can alter a little chipboard letter and use it on a lo or a bookmark. Some of the D's that I've done are at the top. The due date for this WC will be August 5th. Have a lot of fun with your letters! Can't wait to see all of your creations!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Design Tutorial: Balance

When making your layout for "Objects of my affection" try and incorporate balance.

To understand balance, think of the balance beam. When objects are of equal weight, they are in balance. If you have several small items on one side, they can be balanced by a large object on the other side. Visual balance works in much the same way. It can be affected not only by the size of objects, but also their value (ie. lightness or darkness, termed visual weight).

- Symmetrical Balance: Symmetrical balance is mirror image balance. If you draw a line down the center of the page, all the objects on one side of the screen are mirrored on the other side (they may not be identical objects, but they are similar in terms of numbers of objects, colors and other elements. Sometimes they are completely identical (often seen in architecture).
- Asymmetrical balance: Asymmetrical balance occurs when several smaller items on one side are balanced by a large item on the other side, or smaller items are placed further away from the center of the screen than larger items. One darker item may need to be balanced by several lighter items.
Although asymmetrical balance may appear more casual and less planned, it is usually harder to to use because the artist must plan the layout very carefully to ensure that it is still balanced. An unbalanced page or screen creates a feeling of tension, as if the page or screen might tip, or things might slide off the side, just as the unbalanced balance beam would tip to one side

o By color: Our eyes are drawn by color. Small areas of vibrant color can be used to balance larger areas of more neutral colors. Color is one of the most effective devices available for drawing attention to those page elements you most want noticed. For this device to be effective, your colors must be used sparingly.
o By value: Value refers to the darkness or lightness of objects. Black against white has a much stronger contrast than gray against white. To balance these two colors, you would need a larger area of gray to balance the stronger value of black.
o By shape: Large flat areas without much detail can be balanced by smaller irregularly shaped objects since the eye is led towards the more intricate shape
o By position:
o By texture: Smaller areas with interesting textures (variegated light and dark, or random fluctuations) can balance larger areas with smoother, un-textured looks
o By eye direction: Your eye can be led to a certain point in a picture depending on how the elements are arranged. If the people in a picture are looking in a certain direction, your eye will be led there as well. Elements in a picture, such as triangles or arrows, will also lead your eye to look to a certain point and maintain the balance of a picture.
- Radial Balance: The third type of balance is radial balance, where all elements radiate out from a center point in a circular fashion. It is very easy to maintain a focal point in radial balance, since all the elements lead your eye toward the center
- Crystallographic balance: This kind of balance is also known as "all over" balance. Within a grid-like composition, certain variation is introduced to direct the eye throughout the design, with many focal points. Some familiar examples would be quilt design or a game of checkers in the middle of the game.
However, imbalance can be used to create a mood or tension in your layouts.

Whoever has the most balanced layout will win this prize:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekly Challenge #28: Object of My Affection

Let's have some applause for everyone who completed the Stashoffont challenge (another great one--I hope I can continue the trend!):

Spider Boy

~Alma Scrapera~
I Want Smores!

Miss You

Hi Kate

The First Man

Johnson Space Center (left side)
Johnson Space Center (right side)

Good Ol' Times


If I missed anybody, please PM me (Sosumi_san) so I can add you in!

With that out of the way, let me now welcome everybody to the Object of My Affection challenge. Ooh ahh, what could it be? Well, pull out your pens and pull up your bootstraps because it's a journaling challenge, which I thought would be a switch from design. It doesn't matter whether your journaling is hidden or visible, how long it is or how detailed but it must be about an object related to a loved one (it can be something related to you, "co-owned"), any everyday object of that person's, and it must say why that object means what it does to you. For example: "This antique coffee grinder will always remind me of my parents. It hasn't been oiled since I was a child so every morning the creaks of it grinding followed by the aroma of their fresh-brewed coffee were what I woke up to. Seeing it, but especially hearing it, immediately brings that memory back." The photo(s) may or may not include that object, up to you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Design Tutorial: Flow

For our second tutorial, we’re going to discuss visual flow in our scrapbook layouts. The elements on your layout should help guide the reader’s eye across the page and to the focal point {usually a photo, if making a multi-photo layout either the group of photos or the best photo of the bunch.} Thus, a layout that has movement is employing good flow techniques.

To establish whether you have visual flow, review one of your layouts and ask yourself the following:
- Does the visual flow work with gravity? Or against it?
- Does the eye flow from one element to the next the way you want it to?
- Count the steps it takes to get to the focal point. Are there more than two?
- In "flash-card" fashion, show the layout (quickly) to an unsuspecting viewer... what's the first thing they saw. Next? Next? Is that what you intended?

There are a few ways to introduce flow to a scrapbook page.
- Employ a sequence of events photographs for multi-photo layouts. If there isn’t a prominent sequence, employ numbers on each photograph to direct the reader’s eye to each photo and end on the focal photo. Make your focal photo larger!
- Use repetition. Too much repetition creates monotony but when used effectively can lead to rhythm, and focalization. Repetition can be achieved with colors, or embellishments. When using embellishments, use an odd number rather than an even number, as it is often more eye pleasing.
- Create a line going across the page. Straight lines tend to be forceful, structural and stable and direct the observer's eye to a point faster than curved lines. Curved or free-flowing lines are sometimes described as smooth, graceful or gentle and create a relaxing, progressive, moving and natural feeling. Create the line with photos or embellishments.

So this week, when you're doing your "stashofont" layouts, make sure your page flows well. I feel inspired today {mostly by Sharon's great challenge} and so the page with the most flow will receive this:

Weekly Challenge #27 - Stashoffont

Hi everyone! Time for Weekly Challenge #27.

First, let's recognize everyone who responded to Weekly Challenge #26 Beatlemania -

Denitza (Nitza) - Tell Me What You See

Jen (jenfitz) - Close Your Eyes (also a Rule of Thirds response!)

Tiffany (whenscraphappens) - This Boy

Missy (806melissa) - Do You Want To Know A Secret

Also, check these out:

Nitza (~AlmaScrapera~) Rule of Thirds response - Surfing Santa Cruz

Brenda (twinscrapbee) response to the Funny & Clean & Simple Challenges - Sleepy Powers

Sharon (blushpea) response to the Innovative/Storytelling Challenges - Toe-Side Triumph

Edited to add a few late challenges responses:

Melissa (Fiery Redhead) response to the Beatlemania Challenge - Good Day Sunshine

K (Kaleidascope) response to the Beatlemania Challenge - Across the Universe

K response to the Use of Color Challenge - Soak Up The Sun

K response to the Funny Challenge - Spin

Jess (X3Jessicalouise) response to the Beatlemania Challenge - Oh Yesterday came suddenly

K (Kaleidascope) response to the Multi-Photo Challenge & also applies to Beatlemania - A Day In The Life

K response to the Innovative Challenge - Anthem of a 17 year old girl

Sharon (blushpea) response to the Beatlemania Challenge - In My Life

Brenda (twinscrapbee) response to the Innovative Challenge - Lucky in Love

Brenda response to the Use of Color Challenge - Color Me Happy

Angela (Sosumi_san) response to the Beatlemania Challenge - From Me To You

Great work, ladiezz! If I left someone off, please PM me and I'll add you.

OK, now for this week. This week I challenge you to create a Stashoffont LO. What is that you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked...

I've always loved reading about those multi-layered challenges, they always seem like mini scrappy scavenger hunts, but I've never tackled one. Well, now I'm getting all of YOU to do so. Don't worry, I'm along for the ride as well so we're in this together...

For this week's challenge, your LO must include each of the following -

- OLD STASH paper(s) & at least one OLD stash stamp and/or embellishment. Visualize the oldest paper in your stash, as well as your oldest stamp and/or embellishment(s). And I'll give you some leeway, it can be "among the oldest stuff" that you own. Just something that definitely fits in the "Wow I still have that?"/"Gee this has been here since the dawn of my scrapping..." category. You can use sheet s from your oldest paper pack/stack/whatever OR scrap s that you KNOW are from your oldest stuff , anything goes.

- Something you'd find in an OFFICE. Anything - supplies or the resulting products of office supplies.

and last but not least

- At least one word in TWO different FONTS. Can be the title, a word in the journaling , etc. One or both fonts can be handwritten (so long as they're distinctly different) - WHATEVER!

So to recap, STASH items, an OFFice item and a word in two different FONTs. Stashoffont!

Edited to add - Since this is being posted midweek (several days earlier than I thought I would be posting), your deadline for this challenge is Sunday June 15th, giving you at least a full week to work.

Look forward to seeing what we can all come up with. Have fun!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Design Tutorial: "Rule of Thirds"

The "rule of thirds" is a compostional rule in photgraphy. A photograph or layout can be divided into nine equal parts using two horizontal and vertical lines. These lines intersect at 4 points and placing the photograph or layout's focal point at these intersections creates drama, tension, energy, and interest.

Here are some examples because I can't post photos right now:

So this week, I challenge you to try the rule of thirds yourself. Take a photo both using and not usign the rule and compare them. If you create a layout for Tiff's Beatlemania challenge, place your focal point at the interstion points!
Here are some ideas to incorporate the rule of thirds in your photography:
- line up subjects with the guiding lines {don't center subject}
- if you center a person, line up their eyes with the top horizontal third line
- place the horizon on the top or bottom line instead of the center
- allow linear features in the photograph to flow from section to section

Please remember that these rules are merely guidelines because it is possible to have both stunning layouts and photographs by not following these rules.

Week #26 Beatlemania

Hey, everyone! I am not sure if I am off on week numbers. I could have sworn this was 26. I may have to edit that later.

I have been anxiously anticipating posting this challenge as a weekly challenge and I am soooo happy that the time is here!

However, first I need to recognize the completed Week #25 Innovative Challenge layouts. Be sure to check them out if you haven't already.

Melissa's (Fiery Redhead) Swing Batter Batter!


Tiffany's (whenscraphappens) 100% Unique for Jake

If I missed anyone, please pm me and I will make the necessary changes!

Okie dokie, artichokie. I challenge you to complete a layout of any subject you choose, any number of photos you choose, any size you wish, it can even be digital, if you like. However, there is a catch. The title of your layout must use a Beatles song title or Beatles song lyric. To make things a little easier for you, I found a list of song titles for you to peruse and trust me there are some goodies in there. Check them out here:

Please have fun with this and I hope there is something for everyone! Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekly Challenge #23

Hi ladies.

Last week we did funny layouts. Please check out Tiff and Jess'. Also, please check out Sharon's multi-photo layout.

This week we're doing the last of the set from Lucky 7. INNOVATIVE LAYOUT. So put on your thinking cap and show me how it is done.

Look out for tons of layouts from me, the gallery is constantly down at night.

Also, thanks to Melissa for cleaning up the blog tags!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekly Challenge #22

HI ladies.

So we're almost finished going through the Lucky Seven Categories and this week we're supposed to do Funny/Humorous layouts. I have no ideas with this one, so please inspire me!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weekly Challenge 21

Hi all.

Go check out the multi-photo from last week by:

Tiffany and Jessica.

Also, several people have added their storytelling layouts: Brenda, Melissa, and Jessica.

Grrls you are doing an awesome job with all of these, really your best work I believe.

This week's challenge is Use of Color. So think about that and make a layout with clever use of color.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekly Challenge #20

Thanks for all the storytelling layouts. Again, I feel this aspect is important. If you haven't done so, go and leave some critiques/praise for

This week, we're doing layouts with the "use of multiple photos" which is my favorite topic! Let's what ya'll come up with. If you have trouble with photo placement, make sure to look at the minichallenges I posted on this blog for tips!

Also, to enter Lucky Seven, you don't need to complete all seven layouts, so feel free to jump in and out of these challenges. The worst that can happen is you win 700$ worth of scrap supplies!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekly Challenge #19

Hi ladies.

We're onto more layouts for the Lucky Seven Contest. To enter the contest, you have to creat 1 to 7 layouts so feel free to jump in a create a layout - you don't need to create all seven to enter the contest.

Last week, layouts were done in the clean and simple style. Please critique/leave some loves for the layouts done by
- Tiffany
- Brenda
- Angela

This week, layouts should be telling a story. I feel this is an important aspect of scrapbooking. So choose a story you've been meaning to document, and create a layout. Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Embellie Kit Challenge Update

I finished the kits this weekend and everything is ready to go. The following are the particpants:


The total cost including shipping will be $2.00 each! For those of you in Canada and Great Britain it will be $3.00. I will be PMing all of you today with my address and email address. Let me know if you will be mailing or paypaling so I know what to expect. Also, don't forget to send me all of your addresses so that I can mail you the kit. Hopefully, all will be done and settled so I can mail by Friday!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekly Challenge #18

Hi Grrrls. Last week these grrrls completed the heartwarming challenge.
  • Tiffany
  • Kayla {uploading on Monday ..}
  • Brenda
This is for the Lucky 7 contest! If girls finish the heartwarming challenge later on before the contest ends, I will add them to the list.

Last week, the issue that the blog entries are not edited to include everyone that has completed the weekly challenges was brought up. I think it's important that the entries are changed if someone did complete the layout. Thus, I went and changed the previous weekly challenge {Turning Japanese} to include Brenda's lovely layout as I posted the weekly challenge too early and she hadn't uploaded her layout. So if you haven't checked it out, please do so now. Also, it was brought up that people are not acknowledging items received in the mail. Please ladies, if you get a RAK let the person know via PM or in the thread. It's not only proper etiquette, but it lets the sender be put at ease that the post monsters did not eat up the items! :)

Now this week's Challenge is to create a Clean and Simple Layout. Please post your Clean and Simple layouts in the weekly challenge thread and in the Lucky 7 gallery to be included for the grand prize. I am excited to see what you grrrls will create. For inspiration, pick up a copy of Simple Scrapbooks, or simply peruse their website.

And please don't forget to critique layouts. If you don't have time to critique a set of layouts then simply give some encouragement to each other :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Embellie Kit Challenge

After much going back and forth I final have set up the guidelines for the challenge.

I've heard so many times that critique is about seeing it from other people's perspectives. Well how different will our perspectives be when we all have to use the same supplies?

I will be creating kits of embellies, paper strips/scraps, etc. Each kit should only be a few dollars worth of products (no more that $5). Everyone who wants to participate will receive a kit and must create an original LO using at least 90% of the products in the envelope. Since I want to keep this a surprise the envelope will also contain instructions such as what color background you may need to have. I'm really excited to see what everyone comes up with.

I will need to know who wants to participate by Midnight on Sunday, May 13, 2007. This weekend I will be pricing and preparing the kits. When I get the final total of people interested I can then decide how much to buy and what the final costs for the supplies and shipping will be. You can send the money to me buy mail (PM me for my address) or paypal if you prefer.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

When I Grow UP MIni Album Journaling Prompt Day 10

Day 10 Journaling Prompt
Compare and Contrast. Sample reflection questions: Is my present as I had imagined? What would I have done differently in my youth? Do I find myself to be an adult? Do I ever think you’ll ever ‘grow’ up? What does being grown up mean compared to what you thought it would mean? What advice would you give your grade school self? Or your high school self? Where will you be in 10 years?


Thanks girls for playing with me. I tried to make a full circle reflection with these journaling questions and I hope I succeded. <3 Kay

Monday, May 7, 2007

When I Grow Up Mini Album Journaling Prompt Day 9

Day 9 Journaling Prompt
Describe your adult job(s). {This will vary because some people have had tons of jobs and some people have had one} Sample reflection questions: Where the jobs as you’d imagined? Did they shape you as a human being?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekly Challenge #17

Congrats to all the ladies who participated in Bren's 'Turning Japanese' challenge. The fabby layouts which inspired us were created by:
  • Sharon
  • Angela
  • Tiffany
  • Nitza
  • Brenda

So if you haven't seen them yet, go to their galleries and leave them some comments :)

This week, we're doing heartwarming layouts as a part of the Lucky Seven Contest from According to them, a heartwarming layout is "a layout that has a 'feel good' theme and presentation, one that just makes you say 'awww' after viewing it, and makes you feel good inside." Now let's all open our hearts and make each other melt!

Friday, May 4, 2007

When I Grow Up Mini-Album Journaling Prompt Day 8

Day 8 Journaling Prompt
Describe what changed. {Everyone had something happened in their lives that wasn’t according to plan, that wasn’t according to their dream.} Sample reflection questions: What happened that wasn’t according to my dream? Did this event make me upset? Looking back now, was the event significant? Is the even still upsetting, or are you happy it took place? What did you learn from the event?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

When I Grow Up MIni Album Journaling Prompt Day 7

Day 7 Journaling Prompt
Describe your valedictorian speech. Sample questions: How did you feel on your graduation day? Did you feel like an adult? Were you filled with hopes? What did you dream about? Was this day like you had dreamed? How did you see your future? Were you scared of becoming an adult?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When I Grow Up Mini Album Journaling Prompt Day 6

Day 6 Journaling Prompt
Describe high school extracurricular. Sample questions: Which extracurricular did you enjoy? Were they related to any careers? How did they shape you as a woman? Did they help decide a career choice?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

When I Grow Up Mini Album Journaling Prompt 5

Day 5 Journaling Prompt
Describe which subjects you enjoyed in high school and which career your guidance councilor/peers thought you should have. Sample reflection questions are: Did anyone give you career/becoming an adult advice? Was the advice any good? Which subject did you thrive in? Which subject did you not have to study for but yet obtained amazing grades? Which class was not boring?

Monday, April 30, 2007

When I Grow Up Mini Album Journaling Prompt Day 4

Day 4 Journaling Prompt
Describe your first high school job. If you didn’t have a job, describe why and your views of working. Sample reflection questions are: How did the job influence your personality traits? What were some lessons learned? What idea did you have of the working world? Did your idea change after the job? Did the job change your mind about the career choice you were pursuing?

Friday, April 27, 2007

When I Grow UP Mini Album Journaling Prompt Day 3

Day 3 Journaling Prompt
Describe the media images and/or people that influenced your thoughts about the future. Sample reflection questions are: Was there a motherly portrayal on television that you aspired to become? Was there a heroine in a book who you dreamed about? Was there a singer in a band who you imitated? Who was your role model?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

When I Grow Up Mini Album Ideas

Hi Girls.

Here are some quick sample sketches I came up with, I hope they jog up some ideas. I am going to post mine tonight {unfinished of course}

On the first one I posted {mine}. The journaling strips are actually paint and the title is a one word which summarizes the journaling in stickers and chipboard.

The second one uses notebook paper and has patterned paper on both sides to tie the look in together. It utilizes a circle in which a target word is written {ie: innocence, dreams, guidance, etc.}

The third uses primas. The on the first page. The stems could be hand sewn or doodlebug frills or ribbon or doodling. Two primas on the second page to anchor the look.

The fourth is circles .. circles of patterned paper everywhere and buttons.

The fifth is ribbon to anchor both pages together. In the center of the first page, a target word would be writen inside of a bookplate and the journalign would be inside of the ribbon lines.

The sixth is a combo of word stickers and journaling strips and they're interchangeable and everywhere. I see this as a collage. The word stickers would be target words {childhood, friends, etc.} and the journaling strisp would be the journaling. Kind of like newspaper clippings.

The last is super artsy. Paint a huge blob and journal on it and decorate however you see fit.

When I Grow Up Journaling Prompt 2

Day 2 Journaling Prompt
Describe your first elementary school essay entitled “When I grow Up by {insert name} age 8. Or describe sitting on an older family member’s knee and answering their question “What do you want to be when you grow up” {This would be the first time you would begin thinking of the future and this answer should be the most innocent Some young children change their mind weekly on what they want to be when they grow up, if this is so make a long list of all the occupations you wanted to have.}

When I Grow Up Journaling Prompt 2

Day 2 Journaling Prompt
Describe your first elementary school essay entitled “When I grow Up by {insert name} age 8. Or describe sitting on an older family member’s knee and answering their question “What do you want to be when you grow up” {This would be the first time you would begin thinking of the future and this answer should be the most innocent Some young children change their mind weekly on what they want to be when they grow up, if this is so make a long list of all the occupations you wanted to have.}

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When I Grow Up Journaling Prompt 1

2007-04-25 : Day 1 Journaling Prompt.
Describe the drawings you would have produced in pre-elementary school if your teacher had asked to draw yourself. {This might be difficult to do and one might have to ask family members to remember to help} Reflection questions are: In what surroundings were you? What were you doing? Were you alone? What were you interested in? What were you favorite hobbies?

When I Grow Up Mini Album

Welcome all; I am glad you will be participating through this walk down memory lane. The goal of this mini-album will compare and contrast the innocent dreams of the woman you thought you’d become and the realistic sense of your present self. The album will be extremely personal and will be a good reflection of growth throughout life as ideas of oneself often change. What you once thought would be rewarding might not be reality, and this reality will probably change in the future. The evolution of thought, ideas, and perception about becoming a woman, professional, and/or mother intermingle and provide a constant source of growth. For those of us who have daughters, nieces, and/or granddaughters I see this journal to be able to help answer questions as the view of themselves evolve.

Since we all come from different backgrounds and have different family dynamics I will try and provide journaling prompts which can be filled out by all. Don’t be afraid to change the question or journal about anything else if you feel the question doesn’t pertain to you. If you’re a SAHM that has never had a job, please understand that I am referring to mom when I say ‘career’ because I believe that being a SAHM is a job. I will post one journaling prompt per day.

Album Materials:
- 6x6 album {pre-made spiral bound, or simply sheets of chipboard cut down to size with
cardstock middles {use binder rings, ribbon, etc, to hold album together, or traditional
album with page protectors}
- 7 12x12pages of coordinating patterned paper {6 inside, 1 cover if applicable}
- (10) 4x4 photos of anything you wish
- Two embellies of choice to repeat through entire album {flowers and buttons or ribbons and rub-ons, word stickers or etc.}. If you want to use more embellies than this, it’s up to you. It’s all about one’s style and the amount of flow you want throughout the album.
- 10 “matching” journaling mats. These can be anything and should vary according to style. If you want to buy something: Autumn Leaves Foofala sells rubon journaling panels, several companies sell journaling stamps, Hambly sells transparencies that you can journal on.
For something free: look on digital freebie sites for journaling cards. You can draw lines on the patterned paper and journal on there even for another inexpensive solution. {I have the word matching in quotation marks because this is all according to style and flow, they don’t have to match.}

I decided that it was best for me to assemble the whole album together {I didn’t really use coordinating patterned paper because this was all I had} and add the journaling each day. I am not sure which photos to use and so I will add those probably later. I have no photos from my childhood in my hands and so those will wait until I visit my mother’s house. I might decide on photos of objects instead of myself.

Here is my album with no photos or journaling: The brand is SEI and it is an album that is attached to the inside of a box. I tried to stick with lighter patterned papers that wouldn’t detract from the journaling or photos. I will use the same type of journaling throughout the album. I am going to use a chipboard journaling panel {brand Autumn Leaves French Twist} to summarize the daily prompt with and journal on lines of paint in the middle of the 6x6 page. The embellishments I am going to use are white photo corners that I will use to frame the photo on the right hand page. I will always keep the journaling on the left page and the photo on the right hand side of the page.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Scrap Happenzz Roll Call Swaps for your perusal













Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekly Challenge #16: I think I'm turning Japanese...

...I really think so. For some reason, I've entered yet another phase and entertained a Japanese fetish recently.
First, kowtow to
  1. Nitza
  2. Moi
  3. Katie
  4. Tiffany

for sharing their masterful los for Weekly Challenge #15.

Konichiwa! This week, I challenge you to design a layout inspired by Japanese prints. Your subject, however, may not be Japanese related. No sushi/sake nights nor Japanese restaurants, no Japanese tea gardens nor trips to Tokyo, no photos with Japanese motifs that can be accentuated. Instead, try looking at all the photos you have yet to scrap and think of how Japanese prints may complement them on a page. By the way, Japanese-referenced titles are acceptable. For example, a layout that features a sweet little girl may be titled "Cherry Blossom." Finally, please be sure that your layout includes inspiration from Japanese sources, and not confused by any other Asian group (i.e., Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.).

The samples I have provided for you come from Valerie Foster, a. k. a. embellies, one of our neighbors. The first one is of a Japanese bullet train entitled "Shinkansen" and does bend the rules of this challenge. The second one entitled "Say Chizu," is closer to the guidelines of this challenge, and I hope it helps give you a better idea of what you can do. Check out her harajuku kits at .

Given the moderate difficulty I've had in my search for the right kinds of papers and sample layouts, and what you might experience designing your own, I think it would be in order to give you a 2-week timeframe. Hence, this challenge is to be completed by Sunday, April 29.

Domo arigato!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Weekly Challenge #15

This weeks challenge is to create a layout using no glue... No glue sticks, glue dots, glue runners, glue pens, etc... You must find other ways to hold your layout together! Staple, tape, whatever your heart desires.

Have Fun!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weekly Challenge #14

Girlzz, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a layout, any size, using ZERO embellishments. Nada. Not one brad, not one sticker, not one strand of ribbon. Pens, paper, photos.

Happy scrapping ;).

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Packing & Labeling Roll Call Results

Well... we only lost one set in transit. I'll stay on the look-out for them Sarah! I'm going to scan all the pages for archival records. I suggest we get them printed as a digital scrapbook for "Our Foreign Correspondent" and future participants as well as use them in our Scrap Happenzz Blog Bios.

Updates listed in the side-bar. I'm packing and labeling the sets today. I'll get them postal ASAP.

We gotz Skillz!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Week 13- Phrase It!

Round of applause to the takers of last week's challenge:

  • Nitza
  • Mel
  • K
  • Katie
  • Brenda
  • Tiff
  • Angela

Great LOs everyone!!!

Now, for this week I have decided to do another type of challenge that has to do with some sort of words. In this case, the words are going to be a slogan/phrase. It can be something you've seen in a commercial, a slogan/phrase you know for a particular item/brand of things, etc. There are no rules other than using a slogan/phrase that you take, meaning it already exhists. I've got a couple examples below that I've found in the gallery:

The first one is obviously from the captain morgan slogan/phrase. The second one is the Kraft macaroni and cheese slogan/phrase. It can be silly or serious. It could also just be a tid bit from a song, however you would like to interpret it. Like I said, besides including a slogan/phrase there are no other rules. Just, have fun!