Sunday, May 11, 2008

BWC #10 Yum Yum

First let me thank Brenda for the inspiring Inchie challenge! Definately a cool, fun challenge.

Both Brenda (Twinscrapperbee)
and Sharon (Blushpea)

answered this challenge!
Ok ladies. I do believe that most, if not all of us are chocolate lovers. I adore Dove chocolate!
For those of you who also love those little bite size portions of pure heaven, you know that inside the wrappers there are little phrases like:

"Smile before bed, you'll sleep better"
"Make your eyes twinkle"
"Laugh clears the mind"
"Smile, people will wonder what you're up to"
"Smile at yourself in the mirror"

Use a Dove phrase in a LO. If in fact you love chocolate then I suggest you grab a bag of these bite size morsels yourself and find a phrase you would like to use. If you dont like chocolate or dont want to ruin a diet (everyone needs a splurge now & then though) then use one of the phrases I listed above. If you dont like any of the phrases above, let me know, I need a reason to go get another bag and I'll find more suggestions for you! hehehe, Thats how I sacrafice for my girlzz!

QueZZtion of the Week, 05/11/08

OK I'm up next since I couldn't wait to share my Led Zeppelin fantasy in my last QOW responses, LOL...

What would you say you cared the most about exactly a year ago, and how does it compare/contrast to what you care about these days?