Monday, September 24, 2007

WC #38

I'm not going to post the completed LOs from last week until the end of this when I post the winner, since it's a two-week long challenge.

With this week's challenge, you have a choice between two (since I couldn't choose and don't want to be stingy and take another week away from denitza) or you can do both!
Option #1: Scrap something you don't like about yourself. It can be physical or not. It can be something you do, or a part of your body. It's all up to you. (imperfect lives, will fill in page # when i find it again, lol)
Option #2: Scrap your dirty little secrets. This can be about anything. Your quirks, short cuts you take, anything you can possibly think of you'd want to fall under this category. An example of this in the book was of a mom who told all of her shorcuts she take so she can have some "me" time. Such as doing the "sniff test" rather than doing another load of laundry. Occasionally I'll do my son's homework rather than fighting and arguing with him, so that it gets done. It doesnt have to be like this at all. Anything you can think of at all!!(imperfect lives page 59)

Alright, now get scrapping! Have fun!