Sunday, March 1, 2009

BWC #5: Nothin' sticky

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo, my Scrap Happenzz Peepzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It feels pretty good to be up at bat again for the Bi-Weekly Challenge! However, before I share this week's challenge, I would like to recognize the fabulous responses that we received for the last challenge.

The responses for BWC #4: One word were:
Marlene's Happy (art journal cover)
Sharon's Overwhelmed
Marlene's happy! (an art journal cover)

These were wonderful, ladiezz!

Alright, on to this bi-weekly challenge!

For this challenge, I would like to rehash a challenge from days of old. While commenting on Chris' zoo layout, and her first use of staples, I was reminded of a challenge by a former member from 2007. The challenge was to use no glue or adhesives of any kind on the layout.

I extend that challenge to you!

Create a submission with any content and composition that you decide; however, please do not use any glue or adhesives on your submission. You can sew, rivet, staple, clip, but nothin' sticky.

For funsies, here is my response to that challenge to get your creative juices flowing:

I hope to see some of your fabulous creativity at work!