Monday, January 29, 2007

Roll Call Swap Results

I'll post here as the sets arrive safe and sound so that you can rest easy :)
I'm so lucky... I get to be the first to see!!

  1. Moi
  2. cmeinstlouis
  3. **Katie**
  4. Nitza - Received 1/29/07 - Oooh cute cute cute!
  5. Kaleidascope - Received 2/6/07 - Kewl journaling!
  6. erkieka - Received 2/2/07 - Bright, beautiful, color Queen!
  7. princessrk - Received 2/2/07 - You rock! (as always)
  8. Wacky Watson
  9. x3jessicalouise - Received 2/5/07 - Elegant color scheme :)
  10. cajaya - Received 2/12/07 - Nice work... lots of cut-outs!
  11. daney
  12. Fiery Redhead - Received 2/8/07 - A Doodle Queen - Lovely!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Congrats Christy!!

Our lovely and talented Chrisy received some awesome news this week that I wanted to share with all of you. She recently joined an online writing/journaling community at: in an attempt to hone her writing/journaling skillz. It didn't take long before one of her entries caught the attention of the administrators of the site! They have asked for her permission to feature the story on their "Explore" page and also wanted to know if they could feature it as a display item at their upcoming convention in San Diego!! Isn't that awesome??? Way to go girl! You can read her story here:

Weekly Challenge #5... Understanding Color

Girlz, you're doing a primo job and I've so enjoyed watching you all grow and develop your skillz! You're making so much progress that it's kinda freakin me out!

Last week's participants: (will update if necessary)








I wanted to leave January by giving you all a valuable tool/concept that I think most beginner scrappers are either not aware of or have a hard time with, which is COLOR THEORY.
Some of us have a natural talent for choosing our colors, PP, etc... others (like me) do not. And, even though the paper designers are making it easier and easier to coordinate, I still feel it's important to understand the concept behind a color wheel.
So, Challenge #5 will be to create a LO using a complimentary color scheme based on the main colors in your picture(s). Don't worry, I have the tools you need right here. First, I think that this article does a very nice job of explaining the concept of monochromatic, triadic, and complementary color schemes. Please visit:
Next, you can download a 30 day free trial version of Color Wheel Pro by visiting The free trial DL is right there on the first page, it only takes a second and it's pretty user friendly. Once you have it downloaded you will see a drop-down box on the top/left side of the screen. Select "complementary" and drag and click the circles on the wheel to find your color scheme. It's pretty sweet. While you have it I suggest you also play around with the other schemes... the trial version is limited, but great for this challenge. You could also purchase your own color wheel. I think they are around $5 at your LCS.
Remember, you are basing your color scheme on you photo(s)!! I think some of us are guilty of picking up cute/trendy papers and embellies with no regard as to how this will effect the actual subject/pictures in our LO. After all, the point is to enhance and compliment the picture, right?
Next month we will be kicking things up a notch, for sure! Get ready, and enjoy this last weekly challenge of January, designed to take us all to the next level!
EDIT: Some additional information provided by my friendly and helpful girlz... This color scheme generator is probably much better than the one above: (launch the color wizard). And, a much more detailed explaination of color theory provided by K from Wikipedia can be found here: