Wednesday, January 21, 2009

QueZZtion of the Week Jan 18

You know those stories your parents and siblings always tell about you from when you were a kid? The she was so bad...I can't believe he did this... type of stuff.... Tell us one. I promise we will only laugh a little ;)

Guess since I'm asking you to bare your soul here, I'll go first.
My mom told me that when I was about 3 she couldn't find me anywhere, and was frantically searching and calling my name all over the house and out side, she was freaked out because we lived near a river that had recently flooded, and she didn't know if I'd gotten outside somehow. She got the neighbors involved with looking for me, and everyone was in a state of panic. She decided it was time to call the police because no matter how much everyone searched and called my name, no one could find me. As she was talking to the dispatcher she heard a little giggle, and when she looked I was under the table where the phone was laughing my butt off!! It had a long table cloth, so no one could see me hiding under it! She said I got a butt beating that I remembered for a while for that one!! LOL