Sunday, November 23, 2008

BWC #23: The Quickie Challenge

You want answers?! You can find them in Marlene and Lisa's responses to the QOW Challenge.

It's time to down that caffeine and grab your timers! You have a total of FIVE minutes to:
1. Grab your scissors, adhesives, and paper trimmer.
2. Cut a solid cardstock into a 4"x6" piece.
3. Choose 2-3 coordinating patterned papers/scraps that you really fancy, but you can never seem to find a use for.
4. Pick a few stickers (including alphas), rub-ons, stamps, embellies, and ribbon that you might use. Flat is fine.
5. Don't forget some of your favorite pens, markers, and ink pads.

Now, you will have only FIVE minutes to conceptualize how you might create a postcard with the following quote from Pablo Picasso: "Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Once your five minutes are up, you have THIRTEEN minutes to work on the postcard. You do not have to use all the items you selected, and you may return to your stash for new items. However, you must stop after your time is up, even if your piece is unfinished. On the back of the postcard, write the date, the start time from when you gathered your materials, and the stop time. Put a stamp on the postcard, and mail it to the next person who posts her response to the challenge. The first person who responds to this challenge will receive my postcard. If only two of us respond, we will exchange postcards.

A note on critiques: Please refrain from commenting on a response being unfinished, and focus critiques on elements of design.

Sometimes, a quickie is all a girl really needs!

QueZZtion of the Week - November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving is upon us in just a few more days. It's one of those holidays where we run around crazy in order to prepare our homes, our meals...and let's not forget...mentally prepare ourselves for the impending takeover of our homes. Or, maybe you don't have that preparation as no one comes to you, but instead you go somewhere else. Whatever the case may be, in the midst of knowing who you will see and what all needs to be done, it is sometimes easy to forget that the true purpose of the holiday is written in it's name....

It is time to be THANKFUL. This gives me my question: What are you thankful for this year?

On that note, I'll begin: I'm thankful for....
- my husband, who sacrifices time we could have together to make an honest living and provide for us so we can clear up debt
- my family, specifically my mother who listens without judgement, my father and sister just for always being there, my grandmother who is still with us, and the extended family I was able to reconnect with this year
- my job for providing me headaches (oh, wait... not thankful for that part, except that it means I HAVE a job) because I get to be with 24 third graders all day, many of which show their affection and make me realize how important I am in their lives
- my old friends who have remained by my side through the years
- my new-found friends who have blessed me by letting me into their lives
- the roof over my head
- my ability to go back to school to (supposedly) better myself
- and the furball in my lap (my cat), who shows me daily her love and provides me comfort when I most need it.