Monday, October 1, 2007

WC#39-The Men in our Lives

For this week's challenge I decided that we need to pay some attention to the men in our lives. We always tend to create los about the kids, vacations, but not enough about our men. So this week I challenge you to create a lo about the men around you -husbands, fathers, sons, boyfriends,uncles, friends,brothers...The due date for this challenge will be 10/07-Sunday. I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Now get busy!:)

Thanks, Jess, for the last 2 weeks -great challenges!
The girlzz that posted los:
1.Jessica-6x12 lo: "Note to {younger} Self"
2.Sharon-12x12 lo: "Serious Little Me"
3.Brenda-8x8 los: "Earth to Goth Girl"
4.Angela-12x12 lo: "Carpe Diem"
5.Denitza-81/2x 11 lo: " Hey U"

Great los! If somebody else posts a lo, I'll update the info here.