Sunday, August 31, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week - August 31

All right gals... Fall is my favorite season and it is just about upon us all. What is your FAVORITE thing about the fall? Wearing sweatshirts, college football, the leaves changing color... the list goes on!

BWC #18 - "The Big B Bonanza"

First, lemme acknowledge these BWC responses to BWC 17, "A Good Sport"!

Sharon's "After Christmas Fun (left side)"
Sharon's "After Christmas Fun (right side)"

Marlene's "Endless Energy," which is also a response to the Paper Ruffle Challenge.

Great work! Please check these out if you haven't already.

NOW... inspired by Tiffany's recent multi-level BWC, I'd like to return to one of those scavenger-hunt-type challenges similar to my 1st SHCG WC, "Stashoffont" (dated 7/3/07). This week I present the Big B Challenge ! I challenge you to include in your LO all of the following:

- A color that begins w/ "B";
- A BUNCH of pics (at least 3 for 1 page, 6 for a 2 pager);
- An embellishment or technique that begins w/ "B";
- Bulleted journaling.

Note plurals of the above are certainly accepted (e.g. using brown AND blue, brads AND burnt edges, etc); I don't want to imply from the above wording that I only want ONE of each...the more the merrier!

Also note that most aspects of this BWC came up when I was playin' around with the "Random Challenge Generator;" the link to this appears handily dandily in the right side of the blog!

Your deadline is 2 weeks, 11:59PM on 9/13/08 to be exact. It's also been a while since I gave a prize so I will be posting a poll of the responses, the winner of which will receive this Ally Scraps Grab Bag. I've ordered this previously for myself & it rocked, it's not castoff rejected stuff, they give you some very cool supplies (I used one of the pps I got in my "i'm NEW here" LO to give you an idea...) & it's so fun to get! Of course, as w/ any of our BWCs, you can post after the deadline but you won't be eligible for the prize.

Hope you Babezz have a Bodacious Blast Bringing it for this Big B Bash! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with. :o)