Sunday, August 31, 2008

BWC #18 - "The Big B Bonanza"

First, lemme acknowledge these BWC responses to BWC 17, "A Good Sport"!

Sharon's "After Christmas Fun (left side)"
Sharon's "After Christmas Fun (right side)"

Marlene's "Endless Energy," which is also a response to the Paper Ruffle Challenge.

Great work! Please check these out if you haven't already.

NOW... inspired by Tiffany's recent multi-level BWC, I'd like to return to one of those scavenger-hunt-type challenges similar to my 1st SHCG WC, "Stashoffont" (dated 7/3/07). This week I present the Big B Challenge ! I challenge you to include in your LO all of the following:

- A color that begins w/ "B";
- A BUNCH of pics (at least 3 for 1 page, 6 for a 2 pager);
- An embellishment or technique that begins w/ "B";
- Bulleted journaling.

Note plurals of the above are certainly accepted (e.g. using brown AND blue, brads AND burnt edges, etc); I don't want to imply from the above wording that I only want ONE of each...the more the merrier!

Also note that most aspects of this BWC came up when I was playin' around with the "Random Challenge Generator;" the link to this appears handily dandily in the right side of the blog!

Your deadline is 2 weeks, 11:59PM on 9/13/08 to be exact. It's also been a while since I gave a prize so I will be posting a poll of the responses, the winner of which will receive this Ally Scraps Grab Bag. I've ordered this previously for myself & it rocked, it's not castoff rejected stuff, they give you some very cool supplies (I used one of the pps I got in my "i'm NEW here" LO to give you an idea...) & it's so fun to get! Of course, as w/ any of our BWCs, you can post after the deadline but you won't be eligible for the prize.

Hope you Babezz have a Bodacious Blast Bringing it for this Big B Bash! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with. :o)

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