Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sarah's Weekly Challenge

Ok, since sarah couldn't post on here for some reason, I copied what she wrote and pasted it here.

Firstly, thanks to Christy for holding last weeks challenge (Walking down Memory Lane). The people who posted their LOs were:
(If I missed anyone please let me know!!)
This weeks challenge
So when we browse through our scrapbooks we tend to see that there are elements that we always use. So look at the last 5 LO’s you made write the similarities between them (you will need at least 2).

So, being the talented bunch of scrappers you are, I challenge you to create a LO that doesnt use 2 (or for the more daring of you - more) of the list. This can be something simple like handwritting journalling instead of it being typed or more dificult such as not using that one thing that appears on all of your LOs such as flowers or buttons or using more than one photo. Or even no photos at all!!!

There is going to be a prize (winner decided by the old fashioned voting system!!! lol ). The due date for this challenge is Sunday 2nd September. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!