Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BWC #14 - Get To Know Your CG Blog!

First off, let's shout out to the challenge responses posted since the last challenge, please check these out if you haven't already!

BWC #9 - Use Your Workstation Scraps:

BWC #13 - All About Me:

BWC #1 - Remember Your Passion:

Now, onto the next challenge: As most of us already know, Scrap Happenzz has a marvelous blog! There's a link to the blog in the first post of the Main Thread as well as in my siggy. It's an excellent place to find group info in an organized & searchable format. But the blog's not just for posting challenges & tRAKking. Look in the right margin of the blog & you'll see a nifty section called "Where Da Grrllzz (& 1 Boy) Surf." There are some groovy scrap links here, posted at the suggestion of memberZZ past & present! Have you ever explored any of these?? Have you ever explored ONE of these?!

I challenge you to scrap a page that incorporates inspiration from FIVE (yes, FIVE) of the links listed under "Where Da Grrllzz (& 1 Boy) Surf." For example, maybe you're inspired by 1) something casually mentioned in a member blog, 2) a sketch from "Got Sketch," 3) a Photoshop tip, 4) materials from a Tidbitz in Time kit and 5) something that came up in one of the Time Capsule Generators. Take that inspiration & put it into a layout! And in the process, learn more about the terrific resources our CG has in our happy lil group (& of course, the humble peeps behind the scenes who, ahem, maintain said blog!). :)

Hope you have FUN w/ this one, can't wait to see what you come up with. ENJOY!

(ps PARDONS PLEASE in advance for being late on posting my own example of this...I'm absolutely over the MOON re: our bun in the oven but it sure has delayed my BWC-responding! My own example IS planned, I just need to carve out the time to scrap it as well as other challenge responses) :)