Monday, January 1, 2007

SHCG Guidelines

SHCG Terms:
* Submit 2 contributions per month to the Scrap Happenzz Layouts Critique Thread for critique. Contributions may be in the form of los, sketches, photos, cards, and various "scrafty" projects.
* Honestly and thoughtfully critique all contributions within 10 days from the post date, and precede critiques with SHCG & Month (e.g., SHCG-November: This page rocks, but it would be more hardcore with stilettos for embellishments.).
* Check-in and chat with this main thread at least once a week.

The SHCG Flexible Plan:
* If a member knows she will not be able to meet the monthly contribution minimum, she can indicate this in the main thread to notify the group.
* Individuals have the option to notify members they haven't received critiques from should they wish to seek more feedback.
* Our group purpose is provide thoughtful critiques to each other’s work; compliments addressing specific details also count as critiques. Ideally, we aim to post feedback within 10 days (though we understand that real life takes precedence & sometimes may affect 100% fulfillment of this guideline).

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