Monday, January 1, 2007

Contact Info

New to the group and don't know who to turn to...

* If you are interested in joining:
CMLeach aka Chris

*If you are interested in the Birthday Exchange:
twinscrapbee aka Brenda

* If you are going to be busy/out of town:
CMLeach aka Chris, or post in our main thread

* If you need access to the blog or have blog suggestions/updates:
blushpea aka Sharon

* If you would like to host a challenge or are no longer interested or able to participate in SHCG:
CMLeach aka Chris or post in our main thread


twinscrapbee said...

If you need a nice swift kick in the arse or if you can't laugh at yourself, I'll be glad to do it for you.

Gelidy Gelato said...

If you need FREE advice on any me.