Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BWC #14 - Complementary Colors

PLEASE PARDON my delay in posting this! The holiday weekend threw me off. First off, shouts out to Jen for her response to BWC #13, Rotated/Monochromatic Lift - fab job, Jen!

Okay onto the challenge, which I've been formulating for a while but one of Jen's LOs reminded me of it! Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (I've also seen them called contrasting colors...). Red/green, orange/blue, purple/yellow & all the various hues of each of those. The effect can be dramatic or subtly interesting depending on the brightness/paleness of the hue you use. Your challenge for the next week & a half is to create a LO/card/project that uses complementary colors.

Here are some color wheels for your reference...

I adore this variation of the common color wheel because it shows various shades of the main colors

Not a traditional wheel but has interesting info on color

Wiki article on complementary color

A color wheel that ties color to music!

Here's a link to Jen's LO that reminded me of this, it uses the same color scheme that I've been planning to use on one of mine (hopefully soon, if I get some time in!).

(Jen I didn't ask you beforehand if I could do that, please let me know if you mind my posting your LO...)

Hope you all have fun with this! :o)