Sunday, August 31, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week - August 31

All right gals... Fall is my favorite season and it is just about upon us all. What is your FAVORITE thing about the fall? Wearing sweatshirts, college football, the leaves changing color... the list goes on!


TMTCO said...


What is not to love? I have so many favorites about fall that I could write a formidable list. Instead I will just give you the top three. :-)
#1 College football, baby! I am a University of Florida Gator, but I also love Ole Miss, as it was my hometown favorite back in Mississippi. Love my SEC teams! Rene went to CAL and loves his PAC 10 teams, so there is always a game on for us to enjoy. Good times.

#2 Halloween!!!!! OMG, Halloween is in a tie with Christmas for my favorite holiday. We go all out and decorate like crazy. We have already been researching our costumes. I can't wait for October 31st! BTW, I start decorating for it October 1st. boohahahahahah

#3 That little bit of chill that is in the air. Southern California is still pretty warm in the fall, but there is just that little hint early in the mornings and late in the evenings that cools everything down. I love that tiny bit of crispness in the air.

I must stop myself because there is so much more that I could share.....

Great question, girlfriend!

pixel packin' mama said...

1- the covered bridge festival is almost here! which means that haloween is almost here which means schrubby's birthday ,then dum te de dum!!!! thanksgiving and black friday!!!!!!!!!!! getting up at 0300 to be at the stors at 04oo for all the bargains- wonderful, fun! i can spend all the money i have been saving for these two events and be ready for CHRISTMAS! I LOVE FALL!

now on a more natural note- my favorite time of the day during fall is around 4 pm the suns rays are shining sideways thru the trees and gives the colors a wonderful glow. i live on the tip of lake michigan and the sand from the dunes kind of shines and the whole effect is rather magical. it only lasts for about 15- 20 mins but it is worth seeing.

thanks for asking!

blushpea said...

Wow, what beautifully written responses so far! I *heart* fall. As Chris said in the thread, the changing of the colors is excellent. BUT I also feel the same kind of love Marsha described for late-afternoon-to-dusk lighting in the fall (Marsha, you read my MIND), there's just something about the light coming down, making things glow in a luminous way. Not like the same kind of shimmery color that spring's & summer's light brings. It's just different! Hard to describe... I also associate fall & this kind of lighting w/ when I first moved to NYC. I loved growing up in Houston but it doesn't change much seasonally. To be 18 yrs old, move to some place w/ that magical seasonal transition, is just a delicious association in my mind.

Also, like Tiff, I like that chill in the air early in the AM, later in the PM, that smells like fireplaces, back to school excitement & Halloween.

Fall is also great because it's a departure from steamy hot summer (which I also love to a degree - hey I'm Texan!) & it's not quite the "brrrrr"iskness of winter in the northeast. Gotta dig that!

Scrappygal8 said...

Great question :) Fall is my absolute favorite season and time of year. I love the beautiful colors of the trees as they start to turn, the orange and red colors are awesome. I love the cooler weather, it makes me want to snuggle into a soft sweatshirt. I love the "back to school" season which is almost like a new beginning to the year. I love that it brings the holiday seasons ~ Halloween, Thansgiving and Christmas. I love pumpkin picking with the boys in the fall, one of our favorite activities of the season. I love it all :)

Gelidy Gelato said...

FALL is one of the things I miss most after moving to California. In Los Angeles the seasons don't really change with the impact they do in the Northeast.
I miss the leaves changing colors, that crisp afternoon chill to the air, hot apple cidar, wrapping up in thick, soft sweaters, mittins, red cheeks, and football.
Los Angeles doesn't have a football team either. :(

Scrappin Kitty said...

crisp cool weather where I'm not sweating thanks to humidity and heat the moment I walk out side, the beautiful color changes and most of all HALLOWEEN!!! It is my fave holiday, no stress like with christmass and thanksgiving, just decorating and getting dressed up (yes I still wear a costume every year) and just having a ton of fun!