Monday, June 25, 2007

Design Tutorial: "Rule of Thirds"

The "rule of thirds" is a compostional rule in photgraphy. A photograph or layout can be divided into nine equal parts using two horizontal and vertical lines. These lines intersect at 4 points and placing the photograph or layout's focal point at these intersections creates drama, tension, energy, and interest.

Here are some examples because I can't post photos right now:

So this week, I challenge you to try the rule of thirds yourself. Take a photo both using and not usign the rule and compare them. If you create a layout for Tiff's Beatlemania challenge, place your focal point at the interstion points!
Here are some ideas to incorporate the rule of thirds in your photography:
- line up subjects with the guiding lines {don't center subject}
- if you center a person, line up their eyes with the top horizontal third line
- place the horizon on the top or bottom line instead of the center
- allow linear features in the photograph to flow from section to section

Please remember that these rules are merely guidelines because it is possible to have both stunning layouts and photographs by not following these rules.

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