Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekly Challenge #49: Some Interaction

OK before I launch into things, here are the latest responses to these Weekly Challenges which haven’t yet been recognized here, starting w/ last week’s challenge:

Using a Quote WC:
Lisa: The Greatest Treasure...
GovMelissa: It's a No Win
Wendy: Punctuality
Tiffany: When You Are Through Changing, You Are Through
Marlene: Chuck E. Cheese "A Cool Place To Be A Kid"

Ad Inspirations, Making Headlines, Out of the Scrap Room & Second Chance WCs:
Sharon: Usual Suspects in VT pg 1
Usual Suspects in VT pg 2
Usual Suspects in VT pg 3
Usual Suspects in VT pg 4
Usual Suspects pg 4 hidden photo detail

Leftovers WC:
Denitzza: Remember
GovMelissa: While You Were Out
Tiffany: Do You Want Some Of THIS
Lisa: Great Britain Vacation Day 4
Sharon: Wishes Of Christmas Past - 2004
Wishes of Christmas Past (detail)

Extreme Makeover WC:
Tiffany: Love
GovMelissa: Life's To Do List

Outstanding work, all! Please check these out, along w/ other fantastic creations from the LO thread, if you haven’t already. Now for this week’s challenge…

“I can get some
I can get some
Satisfaction…” (sung to the Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’).

Lots of wonderful activity has been bubbling within SHCG lately…we started a fresh new thread, the veteranzz have had thoughtful discussions about going forward, the newbiezz are adding a nice spark. There’s been lots of positive interaction & that is so excellent. In this spirit, this week I challenge you to use interactive elements. Pockets, pop-ups, pop-outs, pull-outs, mini-books, flippers, flaps, extenders, what-have-you, maybe what you'll do doesn't even have a name yet! You’ve all been so great at interacting lately, now let’s get some of that interaction on your pages! Deadline is next Sunday 12/16, following which I’ll post a poll (my very first) & award the winner w/ this adorable kit, just because! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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