Thursday, May 10, 2007

Embellie Kit Challenge

After much going back and forth I final have set up the guidelines for the challenge.

I've heard so many times that critique is about seeing it from other people's perspectives. Well how different will our perspectives be when we all have to use the same supplies?

I will be creating kits of embellies, paper strips/scraps, etc. Each kit should only be a few dollars worth of products (no more that $5). Everyone who wants to participate will receive a kit and must create an original LO using at least 90% of the products in the envelope. Since I want to keep this a surprise the envelope will also contain instructions such as what color background you may need to have. I'm really excited to see what everyone comes up with.

I will need to know who wants to participate by Midnight on Sunday, May 13, 2007. This weekend I will be pricing and preparing the kits. When I get the final total of people interested I can then decide how much to buy and what the final costs for the supplies and shipping will be. You can send the money to me buy mail (PM me for my address) or paypal if you prefer.

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Moi said...

I'm in... 8:17pm Sunday, May 13