Friday, December 28, 2007

SHCG Birthday Swap Details

Here are all of the details:
For Scrap Happenz Critique Group members only, not in pledge status. You must be an active member and have belonged to the group for at least three months.
First, everyone will p.m. me right after reading this with their address and birthday (don't worry if it's already passed, it comes around again in less than a year!!)
At the beginning of each month I will post in the thread who has a birthday that month and what the date of it is. I will p.m. the birthday girl's address to each member of the group so it is not in the main thread.. it will be kept private. I think it would be easier just to send it directly to the person who's birthday it is (that way no extra postage in necessary). I will post once a week during that month just to make sure no one forgets.
The item you send to the person will be in a $1-5 price range. It can be something store bought (ex. brads, eyelets, pack of white tags, embellies, ribbon, etc.) , it can be something handmade/altered such as a monogram, matchbox, tags, birthday card, etc. , or even a small item from their wishlist. Please send something that they will be able to put in or use with their scrapbook (A/L Free!!) and make sure it is something you would put in your own scrapbook (not something you'd never use because its so ugly) BUT it can be something you just happen to have extra of or just can't use.. you do not have to specially buy it.
The item needs to be at that person's house by the end of the month. It does not necessarily need to be there on their birthday, especially if it is at the beginning of the month.
If it is your birthday month, p.m. me as you get your gifts to let me know who they're from (just so I can keep track of who has sent theirs and who hasn't.. if I see someone hasn't sent their's and its the last week.. i will p.m. you to remind you.)
We can start with January if everyone thinks they will be able to get a gift sent by the end of the month.
So p.m. me ASAP with your birthday and address so I can get the addresses and January birthdays put out to the participants.
If you have any other questions please p.m. me.. and remember, this is completely optional. You do not have to participate, but it's tons of fun!! Who doesn't love getting 12 presents during your birthday month??

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TMTCO said...

Jessica, you rock hard for running this! Kisses to you!