Monday, December 31, 2007

Quezztion of the Week!

I'm posting this QOW on behalf of our pledge Marlene, who was first to post her answer to the last QOW.

Do you ever make New Year’s resolutions and if so, what are your resolutions for 2008?

All righty grrlzz, have it at!


blushpea said...

Yes I do make resolutions, & they're usually just renewals of stuff I try to do throughout the year. For 2008, I'd like to:

1) Focus on fitness - getting more exercise & eating healthily - but in a zen, balanced, positive & HEALTHY way, not in an obsessive, worrisome & negative way!

2) Use my time more wisely & not give into my "quiet" bad habits of: daydreaming too long/often, surfing online when I know I'm just wasting time, or watching TV that I don't really like.

3) Keep on savoring life! John Lennon said "Life is just what happens to you/While you're busy making other plans" - these ARE the good ol' days & I don't wanna lose sight of the present while I'm striving for the future or remembering the past. :)

Anonymous said...

I do make resolutions and usually I don't stick to them.
1. Exercise more on regular basis- this one has been on my list for the last few years. I hope this year I can stick to it.
2. Read more books.
3. Spend more quality time with my boys-all 3 of them.

TMTCO said...

Well, I make resolutions, however I didn't do such a great job with last year's... so read this:

Resolutions 2008

I am requesting a do-over. :D

twinscrapbee said...

Like most peepzz, I make resolutions that I usually break, but this year I'd like to resolve to stick to the ones I make, which means I have to be realistic and shorten the list (and be more vague in my wording).

1. Of course, I'd like to work out more often and stick to healthier foods. I make this resolution every year.

2. I should read more, enjoy all those books I've started, and all the ones I haven't.

3. In the past I have resolved to be scrafty at least once a week. Joining SH last year really helped me get close to this goal. Thankzz!

4. Since my nanang's passing, a new resolution for me is to dedicate once a month to keeping in touch with relatives.

5. Finally, stay organized so that I can keep my resolutions, and finish everything I've started. I think this here must be the key.

Cheers to the New Year and to accomplishing our goals! Most importantly, to enjoying life while we are young and we have one!