Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years "Scrapolutions"

It's that time again where we all decide what things we want to accomplish in the new year. Maybe it's to lose weight, get organized, or even get rid of some bad habits.

But what about your cherished hobby? Have you thought of any scrap related goals you want to accomplish this year? Do you have a set amount of LOs you want finished? Do you want to learn a new technique every week? Is this the year you plan to get published? Well let us know...

Everyone post your "scrapolutions" for 2008. Then keep track throughout the year either in your signature or myplace. Let's all help each other reach our 2008 goals!


x3JessicaLouise said...

This is so great! I was just thinking about this! I didn't do it last year because I hadn't scrapped for a whole year. But, now that I have I know where to start at. I'm setting my goal at 40 LOs for this year. Last year I completed 33, so I'm going up.. but not at a goal too far out of site. HOpefully I can meet and exceed this goal. Can't wait to read everyone elses!

blushpea said...

Well, scrapping is such a beloved hobby that I'd rather thing of my scrapolutions as things I aim for, endeavor for, rather than "must accomplish" like some of my resolutions. It's just a small change in wording, I know, but it makes a difference to me because even if I don't reach my scrapping "goals," heck, it's all good!

Anyway, I really enjoy being a chronological scrapper so when I talk about being "behind," it's not a complaint or something stressful (SO many scrappers automatically recommend "The Big Picture" when people talk about being behind, thanks but I'm fine w/ my system!). When I started scrapping, I was 2 yrs "behind" because I had 2 yrs worth of photos that hadn't made it into albums. I started to "catch up" as I scrapped, it was great. But then hit my wedding/ honeymoon/ pre-marriage album. I really wanted to lavish love into that because that was one reason I started scrapping anyway; it ended up being 2 12x12 books!)

Because of the elaborate LOs I did for that project, I am now almost 3 yrs "behind." So my aim/ endeavor/ scrapolution is to catch up as much as possible. I'm also sending many photos straight to photo albums so I scrap selected things, which ought to help. Catching up to be less than 2 yrs "behind" would be fabulous!

TMTCO said...

Melissa, great idea!

I absolutely have some Scrapolutions that I would like to accomplish. I am not sure that I could verbalize them, but I will certainly try.

-I'd like to find more time to scrap. The first 3-4 months of 2008, I will be finishing up school. (Actually maybe I have a class in May, too.) However, I so consider scrapping my form of relaxation that I want to continue to make time for it, even when I am feeling swamped.

-I want to continue to scrap the "not-so-perfect" life we live. When I first began scrapping, I only scrapped the picture perfect moments. Well, my life is rarely picture perfect, however I want to preserve that as a memory, as well.

-This is somewhat scrap related, I want to keep up with my own personal blogging better. There is a company that will print out your blog so that it is in book form. I thought that would be a fabulous thing to have at the end of the year. It is almost like an online journal that you can have hardbound. However, I need some help from you guys here.... I'd love some support (and visits) from my friends here to make me feel like I am not just talking to myself (like I normally do). :D in case you need it.

-I'd like to try a different feel for my layouts. I feel like my layouts in so many ways look the same: similar color palettes, similar composition, and similar embellishments. I'd like to think outside of my norm and try some new things. I couldn't even begin to tell you what exactly I want to try, but there it is.

-I desperately want to use down my stash, possibly even sell some of my Stampin' Up! stamps. It's just so hard to even think about though. Someone hold me.

cmeinstlou said...
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cmeinstlou said...

My scaplutions for 2008:
-35 layouts
-would love to start a "me" album
-I want to use up some of my stash, i by no means have tons of stuff, but i do have buttloads and need to use more, buy less.
-Get caught up? No way! i'm over 18 16 years behind!! EEEKS!!! I would love though to do more OLD scrapping from when my girls were little.
-Get more of my scrap room finished
-Journal Journal Journal more.