Sunday, January 6, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week Jan. 6 '08

Allrighty grrlz, my turn. Time for you to pull up a chair & enjoy a steaming warm cup of the QueZZtion of the Week! Zis veek, I esk you...

What makes where you live, "home."

You can talk about any &/or all aspects in any way or any combo (your dwelling, city, state, region, etc).



blushpea said...

Where I live is home because of the love I share with DH.

We seriously considered moving out of state for a long time. Ultimately moving back to NYC provided excellent job opportunities/contacts for both of us, in a political/ social/ cultural/ meteorological climate we meshed with, & while maintaining contact with our network of friends, family, acquaintances & associates, who are so dear to us. We love our neighborhood because it combines a homey residential quality w/ city conveniences & affordability.

But mostly, our apartment is home because DH & I run it w/ love, attention & care. It is a product of our partnership - together we own it & share/execute the ideas & decisions regarding placement, decor, maintenance, all of that. It is the refuge that we've created, that houses our beloved possessions , where we take happy shelter from the world. Though I know I have a productive existence outside of the home, sometimes I feel like my days really "start" when I am home & w/ DH. :o)

cmeinstlou said...
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cmeinstlou said...

I have to say that home is home for a few reasons.

1)I have lived in the county i live in all my life. To some of you that may be sad but i have my family, friends, etc all around. I know this place like the back of my hand even though it has grown from a small hick farm town to a sprawling suburbia in my 29 (?) years. (Ok, mabye a few more years than 29!)

2) the dwelling we have now lived in for 2 years was a challenge when we first moved in. Before us t2 bachelor brothers who raised dogs & didnt know what the words "Clean, vaccuum, wash windows or do not use drugs" meant lived here. Hubby & i (with the help of a few friends here and there) have taken this house from being condemned, (even though it was always structurly sound) to being a comfortable, clean, safe place to live inside & out. Our hard work, sweat and exhaustion paid off and we're still constantly "doing" to our house. Since I left my mom & dads home when I was 17, i have moved every 3 years for one reason or another. This time i see myself staying for a long long time. Its the hard work, exhaustion and everything else that we have put into it that make it ours.

Anonymous said...

What makes home for me is my family.
We live in WI. Here we both our first house-we put a lot of work in it and sharing everyday joys and bad moments and special times in this house with my family is what makes it home. Love the family dinners at the end of the day, the lazy weekends, just to know that I can close the door behind me and leave the " world" outside, relax and have fun with the boys-all that makes my house the best home for me!
I also consider my parents' house home, because I grew up in it and whenever I'm there (hope to go for a visit this/next year),I feel the security of home.

Gelidy Gelato said...

Boy have I LOVED the homes I have created for myself over the years But where I live now is not one of them. I’m sorry to report I am not very happy with my current “home” (and as a Cancer… home is very important to me). Four years ago I moved into my boyfriend’s townhouse… as he is always quick to point out. “It’s not a house, It’s not an apartment, It’s a townhouse!” and he only answers to that phrase. For starters it’s in a crummy neighborhood. The auto auction is across the street and we hear them every weekend “Can I get a thousand, thousand, thousand, SOLD!” But I do like the pit bull pack, it keeps the police busy. And it is next to a trailer park. Brad chucks his apple cores their way and they send over their possums, raccoons, and cigarette smoke in retaliation.
Next the…townhouse (wew, almost said apartment) is FULL to the rafters with STUFF. First Brad’s stuff, then my stuff, and now Brad’s Dad’s stuff (he recently passed away). The good news is we have unloaded a few things like extra couches, a washing machine etc. but we still have numerous multiples like; 2 refrigerators, 2 dining room tables, 3 microwaves, more end tables then I can count, and 8 tvs! Each and every room has cardboard boxes full of STUFF! Some have several dozen boxes as well as spare chairs, etc. It is unbelievably hard to get Brad to part with anything. He goes off on this long speech about “the earth only has a limited amount of resources and we should recycle everything”. To which I respond “just because something was made doesn’t mean we have store it in our house”. See I said house i.e. why Brad doesn’t listen to me. So he keeps the old broken toilet seat because some day we may need to reuse the screw & bolt Or the 20 year old maps he found even though they are outdated and missing major roads. I have had to resort to throwing things out when he is not looking. So far I have not gotten caught. In addition to STUFF there is the CLUTTER. I’m sorry but one person does not need to store bills in 5 different locations and then wonder why he can’t find a certain bill. I can then use this same sentence over and over and just change the item. One person does not need to store bike parts in 5 different locations and then wonder why he can’t find a certain part. You get the idea. A lot of the things I like to surround myself with like framed photos, nick-knacks, vases, candles, trophies, etc. ended up in the attic because there just was not enough room.
And finally there is the DIRT. I am talking real DIRT not dust but dirt. Brad insists on keeping the door and window open and the dirt from nearby construction comes in. Add the dirt from mountain biking and I dust with a sponge. But Brad insists on everyone taking their shoes off. Go figure.
So when it comes to the townhouse I got some issues. I didn’t even mention the lime green paint from the previous tenant.
What makes where I live home? Nuttin! I could walk away tomorrow and leave just about everything behind.

twinscrapbee said...

Simply put, I have come to realize that no matter where we are, home is in my schrubby's arms. Our kitty, Luna, is what makes it even more warm and cozy.