Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Past

Tis the season for love, peace, family and PRESENTS!!!

For those of you who are veterans of this group, you know I tend to like to make us go down memory lane, way back to childhood.

As a child, what were some of your favorite Christmas gifts you received?
Try to name 5


blushpea said...

For the record, newbie Marlene answered this first, so she's the next up for the QOW!

All right, this Q brought up so many happy memories, I just couldn't edit down my list...

1. Merlin – Ditto what Marlene said! Sooo cool, all those games w/ just 9 blinking lights...

2. Fashion Plates

3. Spyrograph (Brenda, you so cute! Spyro Gyro is some jazzy/poppy fusion band) :o)

4. Cabbage Patch kid. Here's the story of my CPK drama: the year Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage & unattainable, I went to the local Kmart, they were having hourly raffles & I put my name in. I had seen a news segment on Cabbage Patch kids before they were mass produced & I just loved dolls & the whole adoption concept. A guy I knew from drama club worked at that Kmart plus my family was shopping so we hung out there, chatting it up, shopping etc for a few hrs & left. Later, I found out my name was called for the raffle! But of course I was disqualified because I wasn't there. I BAWLED my eyes out for hours when I found out (I was probably a little older than most doll lovers then but hey, I was an only child w/ siblings so I needed my imaginary friends). So my parents worked out a deal w/ connections they had in LA to get me a Cabbage Patch doll; I guess they were easier to get in CA than in TX. I was so happy! YEARS later, I find out that my 2 older siblings thought I DEMANDED that my parents get me a Cabbage Patch kid! I was shocked & annoyed when I learned that. I love my siblings, but my parents did spoil me sometimes (not my fault) & that resulted in various misconceptions of me by my siblings for yrs... SIGH!

5. This Dungeons & Dragons handheld computer game, about the size of a credit card. Oh man I loved that thing...

6. Some Strawberry Shortcake dolls & vehicles; my Dad picked it by himself because he knew I loved & collected Strawberry Shortcake stuff! I was so proud of him.

7. Atari game system (it was the Sears version, though).

8. Crayola crayon sleeping bag. I saw it at a slumber party once & I loved it! So my family gets it, & they were really good at hiding it the weeks before Christmas (I know, I looked for it). Until Christmas day. They were so sweet, trying to hide it somewhere near the tree. So they stealthily hid it behind a sofa. Little did they know that if you stood upstairs looking down at the family room w/ the tree, there was no mistaking the yellow & green Crayola box colors tucked behind the sofa...

9.A porcelain doll w/ a rocking chair. I really like antique-y looking things.

10. Not when I was a kid but a teen (this is in my blog) One year my dad had been out of work for several months, I was the only kid left at home. My parents were really low on money & for Christmas they gave me a sterling silver ring & a little world globe pencil sharpener, great gifts but it was a noticeably smaller haul than years past. I was so touched by those presents because I knew money was tight... I didn't care that it was less than what I normally got, I still cherished them & enjoyed being w/ my parents. We still had a wonderful time together! I have the pencil sharpener to this day. (I think I either outgrew the ring, or it's the one I still wear by the same designer, don't remember...). I get misty just thinking about that Christmas, opening presents that other kids would've scoffed at but feeling very very rich indeed. :o)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about my fave. gifts that I got as a child and I can't remember a lot, but I remember getting a big doll that can say " mama". Also , later one, may be middle school, I got a chemist set-all time favorite! One year my mom got me a purse that was with me at all times. That's all I can remember. This year I'll be waiting for Santa to bring me a bigger memory card. Too late Christmas is over and I didn't get it.:)

Gelidy Gelato said...

As a child, what were some of your favorite Christmas gifts you received?
I have been pondering this question ever since it was posted. I’m sure I have received numerous gifts at Christmas that became my favorites; bicycles, skates, sleds, but I don’t really have a clear association with any particular favorite gift and Christmas. This is what happens when the brain cells start to go…ask me about the gifts I hated most and I can immediately rattle off the list of Christmas gifts from my grandmother which included; socks, underwear, a full size slip (I bet most of you have never even seen one of these puppies), and the dreaded bra. No tween ever wants to hold up a bra in front of her brothers and father. But my favorites?
One of my last Christmases when I still believed in Santa Claus I wanted a Barbie doll so much I couldn’t think straight. I remember creeping down the stairs and seeing all of these little flat presents under the tree which could only mean one thing, Barbie clothes! Even in my excitement I dared not open a single gift and slept on the couch until everyone awoke. I remember ripping apart my gifts but I did not receive that Barbie doll that every little girl dreams of instead Santa had left me the cheaper Honey West doll. Even the hand made clothes my mother had toiled over did not impress me. I look back on how my mother, working with tiny patterns, had sewed these unbelievable outfits together and alls I could be was a little brat. I could not see past BARBIE I want BARBIE!
Booo hoooo I think I will call me mother up right now and tell her how much I loved those gowns.

TMTCO said...

Christy!!!!! (shaking my fist)

These are always hard for me. Although I can remember favorite gifts, sometimes the good memories get mingled with the bad ones.

I am going to do this quickly like a band-aid.

1. A cedar chest that I received the Christmas that I turned 16 years old, complete with a set of bedding that had been hand-embroidered by Grandma Hazel (who recently passed). In my neck of the woods, the cedar chest is a tradition. You get it and then you begin to fill it with "domestics" for when you marry off. :-)

2. A pink huffy when I was 7 years old. My parents had just divorced and I remember my daddy making special trips to my house to teach me to ride it. (I feel a scrapbook layout with one of the pictures from the night I received it.)

3. An add-a-bead name necklace when I was in fourth grade. There is a story here, I'll tell it another time, but this is getting depressing.

4. A hand-made "Cabbage Patch" doll, the year before they hit big. She had the same color hair and eyes as me (my step-mom called it dishwater blond) and I treasured that thing like crazy.

5. The pre-Atari game console, I think it was Activision or Omnivision. It had a controller with a circle on it that you rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise. I only remember one game: Breakout.