Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekly Challenge #28: Object of My Affection

Let's have some applause for everyone who completed the Stashoffont challenge (another great one--I hope I can continue the trend!):

Spider Boy

~Alma Scrapera~
I Want Smores!

Miss You

Hi Kate

The First Man

Johnson Space Center (left side)
Johnson Space Center (right side)

Good Ol' Times


If I missed anybody, please PM me (Sosumi_san) so I can add you in!

With that out of the way, let me now welcome everybody to the Object of My Affection challenge. Ooh ahh, what could it be? Well, pull out your pens and pull up your bootstraps because it's a journaling challenge, which I thought would be a switch from design. It doesn't matter whether your journaling is hidden or visible, how long it is or how detailed but it must be about an object related to a loved one (it can be something related to you, "co-owned"), any everyday object of that person's, and it must say why that object means what it does to you. For example: "This antique coffee grinder will always remind me of my parents. It hasn't been oiled since I was a child so every morning the creaks of it grinding followed by the aroma of their fresh-brewed coffee were what I woke up to. Seeing it, but especially hearing it, immediately brings that memory back." The photo(s) may or may not include that object, up to you.

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