Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekly Challenge #34-36: Keep the Momentum Going

All hail MyNitza for her prompt response to Sarah's WC! Some props go to my seester as well for stepping up to bat against my curveball for the challenge. Mucho gratitude to our CG for being such great sports and participating in the rivalry. I dunno where all the baseball references are coming from, so let's just get this ball rolling...

The last due date for a WC was Sept. 2. No WCs have been posted since then, so this challenge will serve to cover those weeks. Your challenge is to create, upload, and link a lo--ANY LO!--for critiquing. Critiques will be based on basic design principles: rule of thirds, color, balance, and flow. Optional redirect: Create, upload, and link a lo based on/inspired by/reflecting on 9/11 which will also be critiqued according to the basic design principles. Basically, this week's challenge is to get a lo done and shared by Sunday, September 16! Gotta keep some kinda momentum going here. Your reward is the satisfaction of knowing that you met the challenge.

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