Monday, November 19, 2007

? OW ( quezztion of the week)

O.k. since I was the first one to answer last week's question it's my turn to ask :)

What are the 3 most important things in your house that you can't leave without?

My 3 things are:
1. Shower
2. Computer
3. Coffee


TMTCO said...

1. Coffee
2. Shower
3. Cell phone

(4. Kids -those darn Child Protective Services people are so darn touchy about leaving kids alone these days)

cmeinstlou said...

1) Shower
2) Coffee
3) Camera

WendyGirl said...

1. Lunch for work (since i have a bet with my dad to not eat out for one year and he would quit smoking)
2. My purse which is full of all kinds of stuff
3. Car/house keys

Gelidy Gelato said...

can not live without in my house
1. HOUSE, Brad House BF (boy friend)
2. BEAR, Brad Bear TB (teddy bear)

twinscrapbee said...

Just 3?! Okay, I think I can cheat my way through this one...
*a shower
*feeding my cat
*my purse (which contains these essential things--house keys, cell phone, ATM card, lip balm, moisturizer, hair tie, notepad, and pen)

twinscrapbee said...

What?! You can't edit your own comments?! I forgot gum and shades. How could I forget the two things that make me look cool?

Angela said...

1. Husband
2. Dishwasher
3. Computer

I figure if needed, husband can shower me with bucket of water, dishwasher could probably brew coffee (if I get creative enough with it) and computer can ensure anything else I need can arrive in a car with a sign on top of it. I can't live without my kids but I need the 3 above-mentioned items to live WITH them!!!

blushpea said...

1. Caffeine
2. Will do the Brenda-thing & say my purse - it has my Palm Pilot, cell phone, wallet, lip balm, compact AND I can squeeze moisturizer, my notebook & a paperback in it. Voila!
3. Affection w/ DH - can't leave home without it.