Monday, October 8, 2007

WC#40-..., you've been SCRAPJACKED!!!

This week we will be scrapjacking one of our own. This lo was created for the Lucky 7 contest and I still don't know why, oh why they ( didn't choose any of the Scrap Happenzz los!!??!!?? Anyways.
O.k., o.k. I know it's about time to tell you ......
Brenda, you've been scrapjacked!

Here you have it. Get to scrapping and have fun! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!
And,Brenda, if you like to scrapjack yourself and create another great lo-go ahead, if you don't feel like it and you still want to create something -my challenge to you is to create a card based on this lovely lo ( Sharon, thanks for sharing this amazing idea with us). Thanks, Brenda, for sharing this awesome lo with us and letting us use it as an inspiration!

Don't forget to check the los that have been done for last week's challenge-" The Man/Men in Our Lives". Here are the girlzz that uploaded/will upload los:
1. Jessica: "My Guy"
3. Brenda: "Triathlon" p.1-2
                  "Triathlon" p.3-4
4. Becky: "Your Smile"
6. Denitza: "You"

Great los , girlzz!

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x3JessicaLouise said...

GREAT challenge! and I have just the pictures in mind for this! thanks nitza (and brenda for the LO!)