Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekly Challenge #47: Left-overs!

I am sorry this weekly challenge is a bit late! Now that Thanksgiving is done, I thought I would do a play on what always seems to be around after the belly-busting feast, left-overs! A quick anecdote is that my dad's turkey soup is the best left-over ever. He takes the little bits of the turkey left behind, adds some of the left-over carrots and makes it into this amazing, delicious soup. So the idea is that the best things can come from looking at left-overs, mixing them up a bit and seeing what comes from that.

The challenge, then, is to not use anything new on a layout. You don't have to use the oldest of old stash but to really be creative with what is left-over from your scrapping. Perhaps the dots from your 3-hole punch will add pizazz? Or the strip that you punched stars out of? It can even include items from outside of scrapping if you wish--do you still have a key from an old house lying around? Stuff in a junk drawer somewhere? Can we create beautiful layouts from left-overs?

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