Sunday, December 2, 2007

QueZZtion of the Week 12/2/07

Alrighty, girlzz.
I have two different "quezztions" this week. There is one here that is sure to not offend. However, there is another that I thought was fun over on my blog that I am inviting my girlzz to also complete.

The first quezztion:
What are the top 10 things on your Christmas list for this year (2007)?
These can be tangible or abstract, of course.

The "alternative" quezztion can be found at:

I can't wait to read the answers to both of these!


TMTCO said...

1. Health, for myself, the family, and friends.
2. Voyager, Verizon's knockoff of the iPhone, although I am still not sure if I want to give up my Palm Treo.
3. Some new Victoria Secret pajamas.
4. A weekend away with Rene.
5. A new bottle of Tommy Girl or DKNY Be Delicious.
6. Clarity in a lot of situations.
7. As cliche as it may sound, Peace on earth and good will toward others.
8. A white Christmas....please, please.
9. Joy to all of my family and friends.
10. Someone to come to my house early Christmas morning to take everything out of that God forsaken packaging and assemble it all for me, before the kiddos start to meltdown.

Anonymous said...

1.Visit to Bulgaria
2.Weekend away by my self
3.Vacation with my hubby ONLY
4.Take the kids to Disney
5.Health for all my family and friends
6.Find time to read more
7.Gift card ( without limit )to a sb store
8.Snow blower
9.More patience
10.For all the troops around the world to get home and never go anywhere else

Fiery Redhead said...

1. My two front teeth!
2. Nikon D40x
3. Tickets to the Vineland Music Festival
4. Cuttlebug
5. Saints Row
6. Sims 2 - Seasons or Bon Voyage
7. Scrap Stuff!
8. More manicure stuff
9. Laptop
10. New printer

blushpea said...

1. A couple new charms for my Tina Tang charm bracelet

2. Assorted Gap pants - they fit me without alterations - brown/black textured pants, chinos or other casual non-jean pants.

3. Various from - "Visual Chronicles" book, "Collage Unleashed" book, a little Buddhist book I've been eyeing, "The George Mckenna Story" on DVD (old Denzel Washington TV movie, I'm an extra in it but my DAD was plucked to have a featured extra roll, you totally see him so well for a scene!)

4. Origins lipcolor in "Bonfire"

5. J Crew men's jersey boxers (for lounging & working out)

6. Fragrances/lotions - Be Delicious or Earthen Treasures German Chocolate Cake

7. ATC album

8. Health & happiness for my loved onces, for everyone. Peace on earth.

9. To feel like I know my Grand Purpose in Life.

10. Magical power to be able to get the benefits of 8 hrs of sleep in just 1 (so I can scrap more!). OR a clone that goes to the office for me! :o)

twinscrapbee said...

1. Nothing cliche about wishing for Peace on Earth and goodwill to all (human, animal, and all of nature)
2. An end to war, hunger, and poverty
3. Health and happiness for all of my family and friends
4. For schrubby to love his Christmas and birthday gifts and to get what he wishes
5. To be debt free
6. Peace within
7. New clothes, underwear, socks, and shoes
8. Lucky Brand and Fossil jewelry
9. Planet Earth DVD set
10. Scrapbook supplies on both my and mental wishlists