Wednesday, November 14, 2007

QueZZtion of the Week

Ok Ladies, here it is....

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, name 6 things you are thankful for. Sound easy? Well I'm going to make you think about that for a little bit. You have to use the Letters in "Turkey" to begin each word or phrase. Get as creative as you want!

1)The love of my family
2)U terrific gals!
3)Realization that life is really a gift
4)Knowing I have friends who care
5)Eating yummy foods....
6)Yesterday, today and tomorrow and capturing it all for future generations to see.


Anonymous said...

T-table-that is the place we all sit and eat dinner sharing the details of the day
U-usual everyday joys-coffee, tv, laughs with my kids, my hubby
R-restourants-very helpful when you don’t have dinner ready :)
K- key board-so I can stay in touch with all of you( and my family), do my photos and send them to WM for printing
E-evenings-when the boys are in bed and I get some me time
Y-you-my scrappy friends

TMTCO said...

T Time. I am thankful for time that I spend with my family, time that I spend with friends (in real life and online), time that I spend alone, and time that I spend being creative.

U Understanding. I am thankful for understanding on every graduated level from my household to tolerance on a grand scale.

R Refuge. I am thankful for my home that I consider my refuge because it provides me with shelter and protection. It is my favorite place on earth.

K Kids. I am thankful for my kids; everything about them.

E Education. I am thankful for the availability of education in all of its forms.

Y Years. I am thankful for the years behind me that I have made me who I am, the years I am fortunate enough to be enjoying now, and the years before me that I look forward to relishing.

Christy, this was such a reflective activity. Thank you!

Gelidy Gelato said...

Thankful for

The wonderful people in my life.
Utter amazement in nature.
Really good friends.
Kindness of others.
Energy all around.
Years of memories.

blushpea said...

T - Truly amazing family & friends; I am so grateful for the people in my life.

U - Understanding; I sincerely believe empathy of others makes this world a better place.

R - Really beloved pastimes that color my life w/ creativity, activity, health & happiness.

K - Kits - yup, of the scrapbooking variety!

E - Emotional & physical well-being - you can never take this for granted.

Y - You fantastic SHCG ladiezz. I find such camaraderie, joy & inspiration in your creative & personal support!

Angela said...

Teaching because it keeps me not quite sane
Underwear, for obvious reasons
Really big hugs from my husband
Kitchen, 'cause I'll have a new one coming *soon* (or else ;)
Eddie the Fish
Yummy goodies to bake with my kids

twinscrapbee said...

My TURKEY acrostic/haiku is about being thankful for moments like this.