Monday, July 23, 2007

Week Challenge # 29 and # 30 " My Letter"

First thing: Thanks Angela for the last week's challenge, which was great! Thanks to K for the DT" Balance" -great one too!
Second: if you haven't checked the los that were created for the last WC/ DT,please checked them out when you have time.

K's: 100% Math Exam

Angela's: Their Home

Tiff's: Here comes Mr. Bingle

Jess's: Object of my Affection

Denitza's: Little Treasures

Third: For the next TWO weeks our challenge will be to alter the first letter of our names. You can get a letter from any craft store and alter it-you can hang it in you scrap space or you bedroom or the bathroom. You can alter a little chipboard letter and use it on a lo or a bookmark. Some of the D's that I've done are at the top. The due date for this WC will be August 5th. Have a lot of fun with your letters! Can't wait to see all of your creations!

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