Monday, October 3, 2011

TRAKking RAK Winner May-June 2011

As Marlene awarded the Jan-Apr RAK (probably for her last time), it's my turn to do the May-Aug one.

As we set forth when awarding the last RAK, the last 3 recipients (Denitza, Chris & Ammara) were excluded from being in the RAK-running...

And this period's winner, with hearty amount of check-ins, 100+% layout submissions & a steady flow of critiques is... Michelle! Congrats, Michelle, be on the lookout for a $10 e-gift certificate!

Honorable mention to Jesse - your steady participation Jun-Aug put your right on Michelle's heels...

THANKS again to Chris for the tRAKking. And thanks to you all for keeping this awesome group going, albeit at a more quiet, mellow pace these days. (I really do enjoy doing the tRAKking when I actually have the time...)

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