Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let's Get Better at Photo Placement Pt 2

Let’s get better at photo placement part 2.

Thanks all for giving me the layouts that you like. The layouts chosen all have similarities that helped me determine which ‘style’ of multi-photo layouts you like.
I made a page in a booklet for each person and sketched the layout’s photo/journaling/title placement and I observed the differences/similarities.

For example, I did this myself in January and I noticed that I like the pictures to be close together. I liked the photos to have similar mattings. I like the photos to have similar color patterns, and I like them to form a block.
So when I place my pictures, I decide on their matting. [i]I can paint, sand, use cardstock, or use the background paper on my layout.[/i] Once I choose the appropriate matting, I place the photos in a cluster. Then I decide whether the cluster is [i]linear, diagonal, horizontal, vertical, etc.[/i] I decide how much journaling I want to include and then I place the title. If I am stumped, I look at the Multi-Photo Layout blog and I find a layout that has the same amount of photos I want to use and I use that as a map to place my photos. I most often scrap 3 photos so when I see a map that I like, I sketch it in my journal to use for future layouts.

So please look at the 3 layouts and make a little analysis of yourself. You can write it down if you want, post it if you want, or simply reflect on it. Tomorrow I will post the analysis I made on each of you with your own tips for photo placements.

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