Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekly Challenge #8: Double Trouble!!

Participants in last week's challenge (may want to put on your glasses as the list is very tiny):


As always, will update if needed.

Since some (most) of you were too chicken to let your S.O. into your SB nether regions… I guess I will have to go there myself!! (I fear I will be twice as harsh!) Oh, and I wasn't chicken for your information, just really lazy.

Scrap the word: “Trouble”… using as many photos as you’d like along with:

Black CS
3 eyelets/brads
1 chipboard letter
Torn vellum (for something other than journaling)
3 tags

Of course, you can always add, but all of the elements listed above must appear somewhere on your page(s)! Ha! There’s no escape!

Sorry, no examples this week… you’re flying blind so spread your wings!

Anyone who wants to participate in challenge #10 will need to dump out their purse and take a picture of it’s contents (and no cleaning it out first!). This gives you two weeks to get the prints!

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Kay said...

Sooo hard sooo hard sooo hard