Monday, March 12, 2007

Le'ts Get Better At Photo Placement Part 4 + Weekly Challenge Week 11

Let’s become better at photo placement part 4.

Give an applause or some gallery feedback to all whom participated in last week’s scrapjack weekly challenge. Participants include:
Katie {retroactive}

Annie (I think she just needs to take a photo of it)

Weekly Challenge 11
This week’s challenege. I am really jazzed about it, because this challenge will make us better scrappers, undoubtedly. Create a layout with minimum 3 photos utilizing good photo placement. I talked about creating a “line” “circle”, or a “block” and the different ways to do these types of layouts without them looking the same. If you gave me links to your fave layouts, please try and use the analysis I came up with to do your layouts. OR tell me I am full of crap. Discussing photo placement will in turn develop your skills. Learning what and why layouts catch your eye will in turn help you develop good photo positioning. I am leaning for 100% participation here, and I am giving out a nice prize to the person deemed the best at placing photos.

Now for the rest of the personal critiques: please think about them, mull them over, and draw your own conclusions.

Tiffany: you’re a collage kind of grrrl. I would begin with a block, circle, shape, or line {doesn’t have to be straight, can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal) and place the photos linearly. Then I would tilt each photo crooked or place the photos overlapping slightly until you are comfortable with the placement. The 3 layouts you chose have unique angles and overlapping but the photo placement is ultimately in a block or a line! When you make a collage, matting is important to distinguish between photos. Matting a ton of photos is no fun, so I suggest sanding the sides lightly as a shortcut.

Sarah: if you don’t have a subscription to simple scrapbooks, you should get one. You like very linear layouts that focus on the photos. You like lines. Simple Scrapbooks magazine and online will have tons of ideas and sketches for you. But if you running out of ideas, line up the pictures and just mix patterned paper linearly above and below it. Use different textures and papers and each layout will look different.

Angela: the layouts you chose all have style, they all have a big wow factor attributed to them. So make a line out of your pictures but then add something cool. Cut the bottom of the line into a wave, or the top, or both. Or make a block with the photo both but cut one side in a half circle. Place the photos in a ring. Enlarge photos that you like the most and use this as your focal point and place the other photos around it using the guidelines established in the other part of this mini-challenge.

Mel: Linear type grrrl with a twist. You like a fun twist. The photos are in the shape of a circle which forms a line. There is a straight line of photos on the layout but there is an enlarged photo with it that grabs your attention. The photos are in a line that is not straight, and even though it is titled, it is linear and adds flow to your page. So enlarge the photos that are extra special, and place the others around it to compliment it. Start with a straight line, but if you think that’s boring, tilt them, make a less apparent line, round the corners, or cut them into circles.

Katie: I know multi-photo isn’t your style but you picked crisp, linear layouts. I would have expected you to pick layouts that Tiffany chosen. The layouts you chose would evoke the same comments that I gave Sarah!
If I missed anyone please let me know, but these are all the links I have in my pm’s and in the comments.

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