Sunday, March 25, 2007

Week 13- Phrase It!

Round of applause to the takers of last week's challenge:

  • Nitza
  • Mel
  • K
  • Katie
  • Brenda
  • Tiff
  • Angela

Great LOs everyone!!!

Now, for this week I have decided to do another type of challenge that has to do with some sort of words. In this case, the words are going to be a slogan/phrase. It can be something you've seen in a commercial, a slogan/phrase you know for a particular item/brand of things, etc. There are no rules other than using a slogan/phrase that you take, meaning it already exhists. I've got a couple examples below that I've found in the gallery:

The first one is obviously from the captain morgan slogan/phrase. The second one is the Kraft macaroni and cheese slogan/phrase. It can be silly or serious. It could also just be a tid bit from a song, however you would like to interpret it. Like I said, besides including a slogan/phrase there are no other rules. Just, have fun!

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