Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekly Challenge #16: I think I'm turning Japanese...

...I really think so. For some reason, I've entered yet another phase and entertained a Japanese fetish recently.
First, kowtow to
  1. Nitza
  2. Moi
  3. Katie
  4. Tiffany

for sharing their masterful los for Weekly Challenge #15.

Konichiwa! This week, I challenge you to design a layout inspired by Japanese prints. Your subject, however, may not be Japanese related. No sushi/sake nights nor Japanese restaurants, no Japanese tea gardens nor trips to Tokyo, no photos with Japanese motifs that can be accentuated. Instead, try looking at all the photos you have yet to scrap and think of how Japanese prints may complement them on a page. By the way, Japanese-referenced titles are acceptable. For example, a layout that features a sweet little girl may be titled "Cherry Blossom." Finally, please be sure that your layout includes inspiration from Japanese sources, and not confused by any other Asian group (i.e., Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.).

The samples I have provided for you come from Valerie Foster, a. k. a. embellies, one of our neighbors. The first one is of a Japanese bullet train entitled "Shinkansen" and does bend the rules of this challenge. The second one entitled "Say Chizu," is closer to the guidelines of this challenge, and I hope it helps give you a better idea of what you can do. Check out her harajuku kits at .

Given the moderate difficulty I've had in my search for the right kinds of papers and sample layouts, and what you might experience designing your own, I think it would be in order to give you a 2-week timeframe. Hence, this challenge is to be completed by Sunday, April 29.

Domo arigato!

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