Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Question of the Week

Okie doke. My CRS proved to be true, 2 days late. BUT no one had reminded me yet! That's good news.

Anywho.. in honor of my birthday this week... my question for you is:

What is your favorite birthday memory?

It can be from your childhood, recently, and anywhere in between.


twinscrapbee said...

Me? First? Okay. I have two memories to share of my most recent birthdays (probably because I'm getting too old to remember any further back).

For my 30th, schrubby scheduled a duet massage in Napa followed by dinner at the highly acclaimed Auberge du Soleil where he presented me with tickets to a Coldplay concert.

Last year, for my 31st, we had an afternoon wine and cheese picnic at Berkeley Rose Garden where we were married seven years before. Later, we had a sunset cruise dinner in San Francisco Bay.

That was also the first year I celebrated online and via snail mail with my SHistazz which made what most people would think such an insignificant milestone, a special month.

With such happy birthday memories, I'm sure my Double Sweet 16 will be even sweeter. For now, I'm even happier to share them with people who genuinely care to share them with me.

blushpea said...

I admit, initially I thought of younger birthdays in response to this QOW. There was my 18th, when TONS o' people from my HS went to see a New Order concert under the stars at an amusement park - love New Order! - & my best friend & I FINALLY rode the Texas Cyclone roller coaster for the 1st time, in the front car while singing Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down". There was a birthday in my 90s, when my band played an awesome gig, our drummer (my then-BF) had a broken collarbone so we had an excellent & cute drummer fill in (my ex-fling!) & after the gig, people I barely knew - fans of me & the band - gave me all these birthday presents!

But I wanna talk about my last birthday, 2007, because though my life is quieter now, it gets better & richer every year. Last year on my birthday, a woman who has an online group and store in NYC held her first area crop. You have to realize, there are NO LSS' in Manhattan. Scrappers find each other by meetup.com and until then I had cropped in a library, someone's apt, & someone's office, all great crops. But this crop was the largest I had been to in NYC to date. It was held at a university student center & it was in full swing when I arrived. There was a mini-store, make 'n takes, prizes, a tool table, & all meals/snacks were provided. I met so many amazing women & had a ball crafting & chatting. It was so excellent to bond w/ other females over SCRAFT! We don't the the cattiness (knock wood!) that some crops get, because scrappers are just SO grateful to find one another in NYC!

The crop ended late at night but I had to leave earlier to meet DH for dinner at New Leaf Cafe, which is a kind of famous restaurant nestled in the beautiful Ft. Tryon Park of our NYC neighborhood, Washington Hts. It was our 1st time there & we had a delicious meal (OK we had to wait a long time for my Irish Coffee, so long that we got free dessert, & we've since found a kind of famous restaurant in the 'hood that we like better - Hispaniola - but it was still great!).

April in NYC can kind be spring-like or winter-coat-weather (depending on the day) & we were blessed w/ springlike weather on my birthday, so we decided to walk the 10 blocks home from the park. En route we ran into neighbors (the yr before when we lived in the burbs, we were considering moving to Washington Hts & coincidentally met people who already lived there at a party; these people were related to good friends of ours in the 'burbs & now they're our neighbors); we had a nice serendipitous chat w/ them & their family in the lovely weather.

And like Brenda, it was also my 1st SHCG bday; it was such an excellent & warm welcome to receive birthday gifties even though was fairly new to the group; I was touched & thrilled!

It wasn't the most glamorous or event-filled birthday I've ever had, but it's the sweetest one so far, & they're only getting sweeter! :o)

CameraChick said...

My favorite birthdays are from my childhood. It's not one birthday, but an annual tradition. My Daddy's birthday and my birthday were both in July. Every year he threw a July 4th BBQ and also would celebrate our birthday's together at the same time (even thought both of ours were after the 4th). He would have a chocolate cake that said "Happy Early Birthday Melissa" and a white cake that said "Happy Birthday Dick" We didn't give presents or anything (had to wait for the real b-day for that) but I loved celebrating that our birthday s were in the same month. He passed away before my 10th birthday but I still have great memories of celebrating together and am grateful that I have a special unique memory of him. Honestly, every 4th of July I make a cake in his honor.

Fiery Redhead said...

I would have to say my most memorable birthday was for my 21st birthday. My best friend is 3 years younger than me so my 21st birthday posed a problem. She wouldn't be able to get into any 21 and older spots! So at the last minute we came up with the idea to go to Canada. In Canada the legal age to drink is 18. So the night of my birthday we stayed local and went to a club. Her cousin (who we went to the clubs with a lot) drove us and bought me plenty of drinks to celebrate the night! Then the next morning me and my friend woke up, packed the car with clothes and food and drove to Canada. We rented a small apartment for four days and when we got there we found out that our apartment was right on the main strip! We were across the street from a club and walking distance to about 20 differnt bars and clubs. Not to mention plenty of shopping and restaurants. We partied from sun up to sun down for the entire trip!