Monday, March 17, 2008

BWC #6 - Color Your World

Hello and welcome to BWC No 6 - Color Your World! My challenge to everyone this week is to use as many colors as possible on one page. Feel free to mix your plaids, stripes and polka dots and do not forget about your flowers, ribbons and brads. If you have that one crazy embellishment which you love, but the color is just never quite right...throw it on this page. Mix it up and do not be afraid if it does not match, have some fun!!

I would also like to make note of some members who have recently completed a scrapbook challenge...

Brenda responded to the "Making Headlines" WC and Sharon posted a response to the "Crunching Numbers" and "Things To Do" BWCs. Wonderful job and I cannot wait to see future posts!! If I missed acknowledging someone, please let me know and I will make a change ASAP.

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