Sunday, March 2, 2008

Question of the Week

Since I answered first, it must be my turn!! (and I actually remembered, and it's sunday.)

Ok here it is:
What are you quirks? Everyone has them, what are yours??

Webster's dictionary puts it so simply: "A peculiarity, peculiar trait, or mannerism."

Patter's definition: "Those things that you have to have ‘just so' or it drives you nuts."

So, what are you quirks???


Gelidy Gelato said...

Quirk... an odd habit.
This is a hard one. Ask me my Boy Friend’s quirks and I can rattle off a list of 50 in 10 secs. Maybe I’ll just ask him. Is that cheating?

Gelidy Gelato said...

Brad is so sweet...he said he couldn't think of a single one. Maybe he knows this is one of those questions that if you answer it you are dead! like "Do these jeans make my butt look big?"

He did think it was strange that I empty the dishwasher in the morning but wasn't sure if that counted as a quirk.

So I am on the lookout for my quirks and when I have one I'll return.

blushpea said...

- I always have to alternate the shoulder that I wear my bags on & I tend to favor that arm all day (ie I have "left days" & "right days").

- I always use a big spoon to eat breakfast (cereal or yogurt) on weekday mornings, because I'm hurrying. Then on weekends I REALLY look forward to using an itty bitty teaspoon, savoring every bite & taking my time!

- I double, sometimes triple, check: doors (to make sure they're locked), alarm clocks (make sure set), the iron/oven (make sure off), the fridge (make sure closed). I'm not full on OCD but I can have OCD tendencies!

- Unlike Amanda, I have to sleep w/ my feet tucked in under the covers.

- I sometimes choose the shirt I'm going to wear that day by going "eeny meeny miny moe" in my closet. Only I sing "twinkle twinkle little star" because I like the song better. I've done this for years. For real!

- I have a list of the stuff in my sb stash. I go down this list to determine certain materials I'm going to use on upcoming projects. I like the randomness this system gives me!

- Ever since childhood, I've always seen numbers, colors & letters as having genders.

- I cry easily at almost EVERYTHING.

I am one quirky dame! Hahaha!

cmeinstlou said...

You are a quirky dame Sharon, but your quirks are cute!

The only quirk I can think of is that i say "cool beans" a lot. Its a goofy thing. Someone says, "I just saw an awesome movie" I say "Cool Beans".

I used to eat my food one item at a time. Like if I had meatloaf, corn and mashed potatoes on my plate I would eat the corn first, then all of the potatoes, then all of the meatloaf. Usually saving the best for last.

twinscrapbee said...
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twinscrapbee said...

I had trouble thinking up quirks for myself, as well, so I also asked schrubby to help me out. He, too, gave me that "Is this a trick question? I better be careful what I say," look. We came up with three, but I know I have more.

I can't stand tub shower enclosures and opaque shower curtains. I have to have a shower curtain I can see through. No doors on my tub shower allowed. Shower stall doors have to be clear. If I'm staying somewhere that has an opaque shower curtain, I'll have the shower curtain pulled back halfway so that it feels more open.

After showers, I have, more often than not, gone into insane fits of itching, mainly of my arms and legs. The itching can last up to an hour, and there is no visible redness other than my nail marks. While it occurs, I can't think straight and I am extremely irritable. I have no idea what causes this condition, and I have ruled out so many possibilities.

There's a third one I can't freaking remember, and it was the one that I actually came up with. I'll have to come back with an additional post if/when I do.

Oh, I thought of one more trying to remember the last one. The closet door in our bedroom has to be closed while we sleep.