Monday, April 28, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week, 04/28/08

I'm posting this on behalf of the excellent, quick-draw Amanda, who answered the last one first in the body of our main thread:

How do you store your
- PP
- CS
- Embellies
- Ribbon
- Tools

or any other sb organisational tips that work for you?


blushpea said...

Hmm... I wouldn't recommend my organizational setup to anyone else, I'm just too quirky! I organize my stuff (pp/cc/embellies that can be stored flat w/ paper) based on kit/collection. I keep a list of these & whenever I scrap, I review the list so that I am reminded of stuff/collections that I would've forgotten otherwise. These are in paper holders in my scrap armoire.

Tools are in bins in my armoire. Embellies/ribbon are in a drawer, stamps & ink pads in another...It's kind of insane in there & I like the disorder...sometimes I mess it all up intentionally so that something random rises to the top & I challenge myself to use it!

Living in Manhattan, I don't have much scrap space...just an armoire in the front hallway nook that our computer desk is in. So I don't really have the room for mega-organization.

Again, I'm just answering the QOW, I have no organizational wisdom to pass along to anyone else because my methods are based on my mind's love of random, assorted choices!

Gelidy Gelato said...

- PP - Artbin 12 x 12 boxes
- CS clear stamps? - Artbin 12 x 12 box
- Embellies - Artbin 12 x 12 box (the thinner one with compartments)
- Ribbon - Artbin 12 x 12 box
- Tools - small artbin boxes, they are about 6 x 4 and have handles. The neat thing is you open them up, lay them flat, and they double as a tray while you are scraping.
- Ribbon - Artbin 12 x 12 box. I have been thinking about making a home-made ribbon pull box, just haven't gotten around to it. (The ribbon is dumped in a box, usually plastic, and the ends are poked through holes punched in the box.)

cardstock & scraps - stored upright in plastic bin with plastic dividers (sorted by color)

stickers - alphabets in a binder, others in Artbin 12 x 12 boxes

chipboard, cutting systems, stencils, felt/flowers/journaling cards/misc. larger embellishments
- Artbin 12 x 12 boxes