Monday, April 14, 2008

Quezztion of the Week 4/14/08

After reading Sharon's fabulous bi-weekly challenge, I was inspired to ask all of my scrafty ladiezz this quezztion:

What is your all-time favorite movie? What makes it your favorite? Why would you recommend it to someone?

Frankly Scrafterzz, I DO give a damn, so let's here them...


cmeinstlou said...

I have a few movies that i would highly recommend but one of my faves has to be "13 Going on 30". Why? I guess as a girl that grew up in the 80's I could really identify with the young girl in this movie. I had issues of wanting to be someone I wasn't, etc.
The best parts of this movie though are the parts when the girl was young (and in the 80's), they made you feel like she was really in the 80's, the furniture, big hair, leg warmers, etc. Then there were the blasts from the past like "Thriller" and "Pat Benatar" (who was one of my favorites!! (now i'm singing) Love is a Battlefield!!!) I think for me it just resonated on a personal level more than most movies and took me down memory lane which is always fun.
In the end a valuable lesson was learned and it was an all around feel good movie. Also having 2 teen daughters, it made me feel as though they were somehow able to see into the world I grew up in if only in a small way.

WendyGirl said...
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WendyGirl said...

My favorite kinds of movies to watch are historical, such as Troy or Alexander. Love those movies and not just for the boys in armor!! However, my favorite movie of all time is 10 Things I Hate About You. It used to make me happy every time I watched it and now it makes me sad because Heath Ledger died, but I guess it is still my favorite movie. I just do not watch it as much anymore.

Gelidy Gelato said...

Because I am blocked from this site at work I don't get here very often. Based on the comments on our thread I thought the question was, What is your favorite Chick Flick? So I am going to go with my answer anyway.
Legally Blonde
Now you might say...isn't she a flaky blonde? actually no she isn't. She is an ever positive woman who keeps trying to better herself and others she comes in contact with. Ever after being dumped, humiliated, laughed at, put down, ignored, patronized, and shut out multiple times in the movie she picks herself up, fights back and keeps trying! Actually she is a very good role model.

blushpea said...

This question threw me for a loop, there are many movies that are “all time faves.” So taking a cue from the Newbiezz, I’m posting a few. AND I’m posting right before work, so I’m rushing & don’t have time to overthink this!

“Amadeus” – gorgeous period setting, incredible music & the heartbreaking themes. I emphasize w/ Salieri – an accomplished musician in his own right who, rather than savoring his own abilities, agonizes over the talent he’ll never have. I empathize w/ Mozart, an artist who’d rather live oblivious to the “real world,” eventually creating work that is shared w/ very few people.

“The Blues Brothers” – Hilarious, w/ blue music & cameos to boot! Love the blues & love Akroyd & Belushi together!

“Parenthood” – I love this movie, because it shows so many facets to family life – struggling to be perfect/adequate in the real world, striving to maintain existence as a couple after having kids, struggling to be a good parent to a toxic adult child, seeing one’s own parents in a new light after casting them in a certain role for so long… Stellar cast w/ Steve Martin leading the path w/ hilarity & likability. Awesome!

“Zoolander”/”There’s Something About Mary”/”40 Year Old Virgin” – Good lord these crack me up!

“In America” –An incredible movie about an immigrant family struggling in NYC & the serendipitous, unlikely bonds they forge.