Tuesday, May 6, 2008

QueZZtion of the Week, 05/04/08

Posting this for our fabby pledge, Jesse!

You can suddenly be a celebrity... what do you want to be famous for & why? Would you want to be an Oscar-winning actress or start your own scrapbooking line that is highly sought-after? Silly OR serious answers welcome; silly AND serious answers encouraged!

Sounds like a fun one! Have at it, grrlzz!


blushpea said...

A few thoughts on this...My first thought was Madonna... I have never been a huge fan of her music but have just always admired her style, her appeal, her business savvy, her discipline, her ability to reinvent herself. I also think she's in phenomenal shape because she has the luxury of working out for, like, HOURS a day. I wouldn't mind living life in her shoes!

Another idea...someone like Robert Plant or Jimmy Page during the heyday of Zeppelin...holy moly, what a party that would be - rockin out, traveling, playing music, boinking, being adored...it would totally be way too excessive a lifestyle for me in reality but for the purposes of this QOW, why not?!

I tried to think of someone more serious I would want to be, but thinking along the serious lines of those crusading for what I believe in kinda put a damper on the fun aspect of this QOW...all the pilgrim souls I admire had to deal w/ a lot of adversity, pain & possible (or real) assassination, & I just couldn't go there in this fun fantasy. So fun music celebrities for me!

Gelidy Gelato said...

my "being famous" fantasy is usually about writting a great book that is made into a even greater movie and then I get to go to the OSCARS and win that little bald man.